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Posted On Jul 16, 2019 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

Does Elon have something up his sleeve to update Tesla’s autopilot game It’s possible. Despite Elon’s antics and plenty of negative press, the Model 3 and new Model S continue to win critics’ praise. Tesla stock has jumped more than 42% off its June 3 low. That’s an impressive rally for this embattled stock, and potentially a major change in character. It’s next big test will come at $260. I’ll be watching closely…

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Posted On Aug 18, 2017 By In Kinetic Profits

Last week was a fun one for us, we cashed out four big winners. Our “worst” payout was on our SnapChat short. In just 9 weeks, we made 85%. Today, we’re taking a look at our current positions and why we’re going to continue holding, at least for now… We have time to be right and collect big gains like we cashed out last week.

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