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Posted On Jul 11, 2019 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

A nice round number like 3,000 posted by the S&P doesn’t really mean much —and it’s certainly not a magical level we had to sneak above in order for this bull run to continue. But investors do tend to anchor to these round-number milestones….

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Posted On Mar 27, 2019 By Zach Scheidt In Zach's Weekly Squawk Box

This week, Zach lists the best performing stocks in the S&P 500 so far this year… things you need to consider with the Fed’s recent report… a sharp stock move that caught his eye… a front trader “game” that can make you money… and why front traders are making big buys on this innovative toy company that is positioned to pop!

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Posted On Jan 23, 2019 By Robert Kiyosaki In Rich Dad's Weekly Cash Flow

When both negative and positive news and developments occur for a company in the same cycle, it creates a narrow trading range for the stock price. Using the Rich Dad’s Weekly Cash Flow strategy, Robert and Jim revisit a media services leader that has settled in a new trading range based on changing developments in the past few weeks.

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Posted On Jan 9, 2019 By Robert Kiyosaki In Rich Dad's Weekly Cash Flow

For many companies, high debt and increased competition can be offset by a loyal and growing customer base. Using the Rich Dad’s Cash Flow strategy, we'll show how this media services giant uses an ongoing battle between bull and bears to keep it in the cash flow zone for maximum gains. Plus, a bonus trade we recommend looking at. It requires no extra capital!

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