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Posted On Oct 11, 2018 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

A barrage of selling slammed stocks Wednesday on the heels of several failed bounce attempts earlier this week. You can run and hide. Or you can follow me down the rabbit hole as we attempt to make sense of this manic market…

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Posted On Aug 18, 2017 By In Kinetic Profits

Last week was a fun one for us, we cashed out four big winners. Our “worst” payout was on our SnapChat short. In just 9 weeks, we made 85%. Today, we’re taking a look at our current positions and why we’re going to continue holding, at least for now… We have time to be right and collect big gains like we cashed out last week.

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Posted On Apr 20, 2017 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

First there was the Syrian airstrike. Then the U.S. dropped the mother of all bombs in Afghanistan. North Korea officials claim the hermit kingdom is going to test new missile technology every week. The geopolitical events like the ones we’re witnessing right now can provide smart investors with a strong buying opportunity. Today, Greg Guenthner shows you what to look for…

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Posted On Nov 15, 2016 By

Avoid this popular “retirement killer” that can destroy your portfolio during the next market crash… Learn how to simply and effectively outperform the stock market with limited downside risk… Plus, our system is triggering a strong “buy” signal in the tech sector.

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Posted On Oct 18, 2016 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

Breakouts aren’t sticking. Our favorite “risk-on” sectors are beginning to lag the major averages. Overall, bullish trading signals are scarce. But that doesn’t mean we can’t book market-beating, double-digit gains. While doom and gloom dominate Wall Street, an earnings surprise has vaulted one of our newest trades higher by 20% overnight. Greg Guenthner reports…

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