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Posted On Mar 20, 2019 By Zach Scheidt In Zach's Weekly Squawk Box

This week, Zach discusses a strategy front traders use to pull the most reliable profits from the market… two big economic issues front traders are zeroing in on this week and what they mean for the market… some really popular stocks that are not yet trading on public markets but are getting a LOT of media attention… and why front traders are moving in fast on a summertime travel company that is positioned to profit big!

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Posted On Feb 22, 2019 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

Warren Buffett’s vast fortune is starting to cramp the old man’s style. Private equity and other funds are looking to push out Warren Buffett by betting higher on acquisitions than he is willing to go. We’ll soon learn just how patient Buffett & Co. are willing to be regarding the firm’s $100 billion cash stockpile…

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Posted On Jan 8, 2019 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

Volatility is creeping lower, offering calmer trading conditions for the first time since the December meltdown. But there’s no shortage of potentially market-moving news on the horizon. Investors are feeling more optimistic this morning, but we’ll have to see if the bulls can weather the headlines…

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Posted On Aug 18, 2015 By Greg Guenthner In Rude Awakening PRO

Everyone’s stuck on the same old housing narrative the financial media have pounded into their heads for the better part of a decade. No one owns homes anymore… No one will ever buy a house again... Renting is back in vogue—and the only projects the homebuilders have left on the books are apartment complexes and other multi-family units. You know the spiel.

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