A personal invitation to join me at the 12th annual
Agora Financial Investment Symposium where we debate and discuss...
2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium

Potentially the Most Important Question of Our Time...

In 1915, Dr.Walter Bradford Cannon coined the term Fight or Flight to describe an animalʼs response to the threats perceived in its surroundings. Simply put, animals respond in one of two ways when threatened. They choose to either stay, and Fight, or run away, in Flight.

The same idea holds true for investors right now. In todayʼs uncertain time of runaway deficits, unprecedented money printing, and rising food and energy costs...

What should the smart investor to do?

Do you choose to stay at home and fight? By...

v Continuing to conduct business and innovation in “home markets”...
v Investing in the established markets of developed economies...
v Deploying money in new and entrepreneurial businesses ideas...
v Or by buying companies with disruptive science and technological advances that could change the way we live...?

Or do you choose flight? By...

v Packing up hard earned wealth and seeking financial opportunities elsewhere...
v Diversifying out of the dollar and into other currencies...
v Investing in emerging markets, offshore investments, foreign-based funds, or assets on the investment frontier...
v Securing an “escape hatch” to some foreign exotic locale
v Expatriating to someplace way off the grid...?

To help you decide whether to fight or take flight, we’ve invited over 30 of the world’s smartest thinkers, market analysts and best selling authors to join us as we host the 12th Annual Agora Financial Investment Symposium, July 26-29, 2011.

Fight or Flight: Your Capital at Risk?

I’m writing today because I’d like to personally invite you to join me, along with nearly 1,000 like-minded individuals, for four days in beautiful Vancouver, British Columbia, as we discuss what could be the most important question of our lives.

The Agora Financial Investment Symposium is about big investment ideas...and much more. And this year we’ll be hosting our most heated debate yet, where we present the case for both sides of the Fight or Flight question.

Most will agree that while stock markets across the globe have been rallying to pre-recession heights, many underlying economic indicators remain perilously unstable...

  • Stubborn unemployment
  • Inflation
  • A lagging housing market
  • Market volatility
  • Hot war zones and geopolitical risk
  • And ensuing skyrocketing levels of sovereign debt

These paint a very different financial picture, and for many investors, the future is horrifying. The surroundings certainly seem threatening causing them to opt for the flight strategy.

However, wherever there is crisis, there is always opportunity. Right now there is a technological renaissance occurring with rapidly advancing developments in...

  • Biotechnology
  • Genomics
  • Medicine
  • Clean Energy
  • Computing and processing

In short, the world stands on the brink of more science and tech breakthroughs than ever before. Every day, little-known companies come a step closer to creating things that could define the future. These people have chosen to stay and innovate... and to fight.

Which will you do? Which path will you take?

Those are exactly the kind of big-picture issues that we will explore at the 2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium.


Attending the symposium gives you exclusive access to the latest unique investment ideas and trends from the brightest minds ...ideas you just won’t hear anyplace else...the kind of ideas that separate savvy investors from the rest.

But it’s far more than that...

Weʼve also made a habit of offering access to world-class thinkers, speakers and investors. This year will be no different. You’ll find many of those brilliant minds sitting right in the crowd. Connect face-to-face with people whose work you may have been reading for years, and speak to analysts youʼd probably never get to even meet otherwise...

It’s your chance to rub elbows and pick the brains of some of the smartest people in the world.

You will even have the opportunity to meet with nearly 60 corporate sponsors, companies that represent “ground-level” opportunities at the beginning of what could be explosive growth potential.

But the Agora Financial Investment Symposium Isn’t “All Work and No Play...”

Our decadent opening night reception has become legendary, giving testimony to not only the power of an open bar, but also to extravagant food, good company, music, flowing chocolate...and champagne.

At this year’s Symposium, you’ll be among the first in the world to see Addison Wiggin’s new documentary film project entitled “Risk!” at a special private screening.

The Whiskey Bar 2008And you won’t want to miss the opportunity to participate in the wildly popular Whiskey Bar where, following another open bar reception, we gather a funky hodgepodge of politically charged Symposium speakers and let them loose for a bourbon-fueled, no-holds-barred debate. The result is always a passionate, interesting and insightful debate, and sometimes even slightly offensive, but all with the best of intentions.

If you are an Agora Financial Reserve member, we’ll even be hosting a private members-only event that you won’t want to miss. Watch your inbox for your invitation.

Last year, the Agora Financial Investment Symposium was the best-attended event we have ever hosted. It SOLD OUT 42 days BEFORE the event AND we had to turn people away. We don’t want that to happen to you. That’s why you should accept your invitation to 2011’s event right away...

It all happens July 26-29, 2011 at the elegant Fairmont Hotel Vancouver in Vancouver, Canada. And it all starts with...

A Legacy of Great Speakers

Because of the Symposium’s reputation as a leading investment research conference, we’ve previously attracted renowned international speakers such as publisher, Steve Forbes, legendary fund manager, Dr. Marc Faber, Former U.S. Comptroller General, David Walker, investing legend, Jim Rogers, best-selling authors, Nicholas Nassim Taleb, and James Howard Kunstler. Thought leaders such as Juan Enriquez, Dr. Michael West, Vitaliy Katsenelson, and others spanning a wide range of investment topics.

Doug CaseyIn fact, the ideas at the event are so compelling, that many of our guest speakers sit in the crowd before and after their presentations, listening to their peers at the podium.

If you were one of the attendees last year, you may have sat next to crowd favorites like Bill Bonner, Marcio Mello, Rick Rule, Doug Casey, Chris Mayer, Patrick Cox, or even Dr. Marc Faber, taking notes, and listening for ideas..

This year, we’ve already got a stellar lineup of world-class speakers. Here’s just a partial list of some of the speakers we’ve invited to speak in 2011, with many announcements still to come...

Our 2011 Symposium Faculty

This year a legend returns to Vancouver. “Hilarious,” “energetic” and “passionate” were words used to describe Dr. Marcio Mello’s top-ranked presentation, but these are an injustice. “Fantastic” would be more accurate! So much so that we invited him back. Prepare to be blown away by one of his only North American appearances this year. This Brazilian, oil industry legend, found one of the largest oil field discoveries in 40 years, and now his firm, HRT’s successful IPO opens its doors to investors. Hang on tight when Marcio storms the podium.

We’ve also invited...

v Legendary Canadian resource investor, and CEO/CIO of Sprott Asset Management, Eric Sprott.
v Doug Clayton, the Managing Partner of Leopard Capital lives and studies the “Frontier” exploring financial opportunities in unique places most have only dreamed of. Find out where...
v Author of the best-selling book, The Comeback, and President/CEO of the Consumer Electronics Association, Gary Shapiro, will stun you with his ideas on innovation and how it will power future economic growth.
v CEO and Director of Equity Research at Fusion IQ and Internet blogging sensation, Barry Ritholtz.
v Gold and precious metals investment guru, John Embry...
v Cutting edge technology fund manager, best selling author, and renowned genomics expert, Juan Enriquez...
v Mobile convergence expert, and COO of Protext Mobility, Peter Charles...
v Canadian farmland fund manager and Partner at Agcapita Partners, Stephen Johnston...
v Global and resource investing authority, Adrian Day...
v Mining and energy industry analyst, and Geologist, Matt Badiali...

Then of course, there’s... Founder of Casey Research, and best-selling author, Doug Casey. Doug’s hard-nosed, take-no-prisoners presentations are always entertaining, educational, and usually very controversial. We never know what he is going to say or do on stage, but Doug is not to be missed.

Back once again this year is Rick Rule. Rick is legendary natural resource investor with an eagle eye for small, undervalued, companies with proven management teams that have massive breakout potential. With nearly 40 years of experience in this business, he’s one of the very best, and an encyclopedia of knowledge...and willing to share it.

The Agora Financial Investment Symposium is typically the ONLY conference Agora Financial, LLC. President and Founder, Bill Bonner, speaks at annually...this year he’ll share his newest insights on investing, politics, economics, history, and much more! And when you see him in the Symposium halls, ask him to sign a copy of his new book: Dice Have No Memory: Big Bets & Bad Economics from Paris to the Pampas.

You’ll Also Hear from Your Favorite Agora Financial Analysts and Editors...

Though you wouldn’t know it by watching the evening news, there are companies right here in America making stunning, life-changing discoveries that could make this country great again! Crowd favorite Patrick Cox will share the best of them with Symposium attendees.

Rick Rule & Byron King
Chris Mayer Having a good time w/ Attendees

In one of London’s swankiest hotels for a top-secret meeting with an oil industry insider...then hundreds of feet underground in a Serbian gold mine lost for decades...now in Vancouver, boots-on-the-ground oil, gas and precious metal investor Byron King will share the best opportunities he’s discovered from around the world.

Last year, Chris Mayer had attendees in stitches with a comical, yet crushing talk on the economic incompetence of Washington, D.C.. This year, he’s been traveling the globe seeking profitable companies with undervalued assets that could represent the best investment opportunities. Some opportunities are close to home, some more exotic. Come to Vancouver to learn the latest.

Soaring prices in food, energy, precious metals and raw materials make commodity futures expert Alan Knuckman’s presentation a not-to-be-missed event this year.

Brand new to Agora Financial, and a first-time speaker at Vancouver, FOREX veteran Abe Cofnas will discuss one of the most exciting new currency investment tools to hit the U.S. market.

And, after making his stellar debut as Master of Ceremonies at last year’s event, we welcome back Agora Financial Investment Director, and the Managing Editor of The Daily Reckoning ...Eric Fry

And we still have a few more speaker surprises to announce soon.

Each speaker will deliver you their case for Fight or Flight, including...

  • Which countries will lead (and lag) in the current “recovery”?
  • Where, when, and in what should an investor be focusing on in the world today?
  • Which industries are poised for growth in these volatile times?
  • What are the prospects for a dollar crash or high inflation?
  • In these uncertain times, which strategies are most resilient to future shocks?
  • How will geopolitical forces impact energy prices and investment decisions?
  • What are the long-term economic effects of the increasing encroachment of the government in vast sectors of business?

I invite you to listen to what they have to say. Write down the most pertinent points. And then —decide whether to stay and fight... or take flight.

The symposium will arm you with knowledge. But the decision is yours. Either way, it’s important to understand that...

The Smart People Aren’t Just At the Podium

Every year, we are amazed at the stories of the attendees that we meet in Vancouver. Entrepreneurs, money managers, professionals of every occupational stripe, doctors, lawyers, business owners, even “penthouse gypsies” looking to invest where their money is treated best.

Youʼll have a chance to meet brilliant, everyday men and women who share your passion for financial knowledge. Take the opportunity to meet new investment contacts and create lasting friendships. The friendships you forge and the contacts you develop could pay huge dividends in the years ahead — especially in times like these.

You might meet someone like John H. Towers. He is an Agora Financial Reserve member that we had the pleasure of meeting in Rancho Santana, Nicaragua, during one of our “Chill Weekends.” John is a Qualified Financial Planner for a boutique financial planning firm in Texas. He specializes in risk-managed investment tools that can substantially reduce tax liabilities. We were quite interested to hear about this, and you might be too. If you bump into him at the Symposium, he’s as savvy an investor, as you will find, a wealth of financial knowledge, and a pleasure to talk to.

You also might run into Lawrence Mackhoul. We first met him at a dinner in Bogotá, Columbia, during a recent South American research trip. Lawrence was born in Central America, educated in France and the US, and currently lives in Cambodia, where he works for a venture capital firm that invests extensively in frontier markets. His firm evaluates unique, socially responsible, investments in places that many people cannot even find on a map. And if you like good beer; you might want to ask him about one of their recent investments in a place you would never suspect.

The symposium attracts all kinds of successful people from a wide array of career fields.  Frequent Symposium attendees, Dave and Linda Greenawalt, are great examples.  We originally met them in Vancouver, but also spent time with them in Nicaragua this past year.  For nearly 30 years they have owned and operated a transportation shipping business out of Nevada.... that’s right, a trucking business.  They have transported high value products such as art, computers, medical equipment, and shipments for NASA across the continent. They are smart, driven, and active investors that have stories that will keep you entertained for hours. If you see a smiling, white-haired fellow with unique sideburns, that's Dave. Say “hello,” and introduce yourself. You'll be glad you did.

Each year, the Symposium attracts over 1,000 well-connected attendees and executives from around the globe. We’ve had attendees from nearly all 50 states, every Canadian province, and all 7 continents Yes, even Antarctica! (or at least one who had just recently visited there). Last year we had attendees from 29 countries. I know of no other global event like the Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

And to help you break the ice, weʼve loaded the symposium with plenty of free time and social events. Champagne and cocktail receptions, coffee and snack breaks, continental breakfasts, sponsored lunches... even our ever popular “Whiskey Bar” has its own reception where you have the chance to let loose, network with like-minded people, talk shop, or just blow off some steam in great company.

Big picture investment ideas, entertaining networking events, world-class speakers, and well-connected global attendees -- the symposium has everything. But it wouldn’t be complete without...

Over 60 Investment Ideas that Could Bring Thousands to Your Bottom Line

This year we expect nearly 60 corporate sponsors in our busy expo area. We don’t just accept any company with a checkbook. We believe our sponsors represent some of the best opportunities in the market.

These are mostly small-cap companies, there to show you the latest technologies and discoveries. Companies you wouldn’t have necessarily heard of elsewhere. Some sponsors fall on the “Fight” side of this year’s theme; some clearly represent the “Flight” perspective. Some comfortably operate on both sides of the fence.

You’ll see their latest cutting-edge geothermal, natural gas, and oil projects. You might even take the chance to sample rare and unique liquors. You’ll have access to meet and talk to members of their executive teams. You’ll see their business plans and new technologies at work. You’ll be able to ask about their finances. Real questions that can best be answered face to face. It’s your potential investment so why not take a rare opportunity to do your own due diligence, sitting down to speak face to face.

The Symposium could not be possible without our sponsors, so please take the time to meet them, you might be very glad that you did.

To help guide you, Rick Rule will give you a "virtual tour" of the event sponsors; detailing the unique benefits of each of these companies... explaining what makes each of them tick... areas of managerial expertise, track records, and how you can invest in them, if you choose.

If you are ready for the chance to capitalize on todayʼs powerful investment trends, I urge you to pay close attention, because the information you could be privy to could pour substantial gains into your bank account.

How can I be so confident? Consider this...

A Proven Record of Success

In our newsletters and investment research advisories, we take pride in the track record that our publications and Editors achieve...and even more so for our Symposium.

Just to name a few, past Symposium recommendations generated chances to enjoy gains as high as 167%, 331%, 458%, even 1,035% in one year.

In fact, three of our top 2010 speakers Chris Mayer, Rick Rule and Bryon King had a combined win-rate of 100% — all 27 of their recommendations presented at last year’s Symposium now showing gains.

And in 2009, if attendees had invested for one year from the date of the conference in July 2009 to July 2010, they had the chance to claim...

v 459% on Mirasol Resources...
v 321% on Rimfire Minerals
v 332% on Kaminak
v 167% on Polaris Geothermal
v 84% on BioTime Inc.
v 80% on Gulfport Energy Corp.
v 54% on Amerigo Resources

And this is just a small sampling. Don’t delay and risk missing the most stimulating and potentially profitable four days of the year.

If historyʼs any guide, just one winning play alone could potentially pay for your entire trip.

Listen to what attendee Steve Whitmire had to say.

“I made $1,235 in a single conference day...!”
[You] convinced me to come back to my room and give it a try. So, I sold a put and pocketed $1,235 today; which will more than cover my expense for attending the meeting.... such a deal!

— Steve Whitmire

A stimulating theme combined with the “star-studded” lineup of speakers, interesting attendees, and unique investment opportunities that you won’t see elsewhere. Not to mention, evening soirees that make the 2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium inspirational, educational, and entertaining.

Each year, the raves pour in about the Symposium...Here are just a few of the many comments from attendees last year.

“To anybody who is considering next year’s event, I highly recommend it for the sheer amount of information, amazing speakers, excellent investment ideas they assemble.”
— Jeff Pierce, Seeking Alpha
“Exposure to some of the best thinkers in the investment world.”
— Pela C.
“Great perspective on economy and investments.”
— Rich I.
“The best investment conference anywhere for
retail investors”

— Peter J.
“Fire hose of great information.”
— George G.
“Outstanding speakers... the BEST ever!!!”
— Deena G.

When youʼre not rubbing elbows at the conference, youʼll get to enjoy some of the best food and attractions Canada has to offer.

Vancouver, Eh...? Our Favorite City


Summer weather in Vancouver is like a perfect spring day anywhere else. In fact, during the Symposium a few years back, the temperature got up to 85 degrees Fahrenheit. The local residents complained of a heat wave! Coming from Baltimore’s July heat, we found it just about perfect.

Wherever youʼre coming from, youʼll think youʼre in heaven. Cool Pacific sea breezes drift in from the bay. Gorgeous snow-capped mountain peaks surround you. The people are pleasant and smiling. Sculptures and artistic fountains can be found everywhere. Itʼs stunning.

Rent a bike and circumnavigate Stanley Park. It boasts beautiful beaches, historic aboriginal totem poles, and spectacular views of the water. There is even a world-class aquarium and plenty of local history to explore.

The Sea to Sky Highway north of town takes you along one of most scenic roads in the world leading to the 2010 Olympic Games venue of Whistler Village.

Or visit the Vancouver Art Gallery — just across the street from the Symposium hotel. Inside are 9,000 artworks... one of the most valuable collections in Canada. There is a visiting exhibit during the Symposium called “The Colour Of My Dreams: Surrealism and Revolution in Art” that features a phenomenal collection of artwork representing the Surrealist movement- one of the most influential artist movements of this century. It is appropriately named, and spectacular. It might even bring back a few old memories through the cobwebs of time.

If youʼre a bit more daring, sign up for a seaplane ride and circle the city for a birdʼs-eye look at Vancouver, or experience visiting a crystal-blue glacial lake before returning to an exciting harbor landing.

Also, if you are sticking around for the weekend after the Symposium ends, don’t miss Vancouver’s Celebration of Light — the largest fireworks competition in the world. Every Wednesday and Saturday for two weeks each summer, a different international team lights up the Vancouver skyline the most advanced fireworks you have ever seen.

And I havenʼt even mentioned the restaurants yet...

A Great Restaurant on Every Corner

Bruce Robertson Enjoy The Fine RestaurantsThere are dozens of great restaurants within walking distance of the hotel — no matter what your tastes.

Looking for great local seafood? Coast will amaze even the most sophisticated palate with their selection of amazing local and regional fare. Try the cold seafood platter if you dare. Italian? Italian Kitchen has everything you need.

Sushi? There are at least 10 restaurants to choose from within walking distance.

Chinese? A quick cab ride to Chinatown will provide an authentic experience.

Japadog VANCOUVER STYLENeed something fast? Ever try a Japa-Dog? These unique sidewalk stands are located on corners near the hotel and feature hot dogs with Japanese “toppings”...Sounds weird, tastes great.

And for hands-down the best cup of coffee in the city, take a short walk around the corner to Caffe Artigiano.

All part of the unique Vancouver dining experience.

Casual, formal, cheap or expensive — youʼll find it nearby. Wherever you go, you canʼt go wrong.

If you donʼt feel like venturing out for food, donʼt worry. Our continental breakfast, sponsored lunches, snack breaks and other events will keep you energized during the day. And at night, you can enjoy several options within the Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

Speaking of which... if you hurry, we’ve negotiated a special discount for you at our host hotel: The Fairmont Hotel Vancouver.

The Ultimate in Luxury


As a Symposium attendee, youʼll enjoy Vancouverʼs most luxurious hotel at a bargain price.

Built in 1939, the hotel is easily one of the most recognizable features of the Vancouver skyline. Stoic stone gargoyles peer onto streets below, and fine furniture graces every room.

But donʼt let the historic charm fool you. The Fairmont offers plenty of modern conveniences. In fact, you can get a lot done without ever leaving the hotel.

Thereʼs a business center, spa, gym, indoor pool, restaurants, even luxury shopping. If you do want to venture out, the concierge will be happy to help you find exactly what youʼre looking for.

We've even arranged a special Symposium room rate of $269 per night. Please make lodging arrangements early as this discount rate is only available for a limited number of rooms.

And all you need to do to enjoy everything is to come with us to the 2011 Agora Financial Investment Symposium.

So, is there a catch to attending?

Absolutely. But I think it’s one you’ll like...

We’re Limiting Attendance to
Less Than 1% of Our Readers

To keep the event as intimate as possible, we now must limit the amount of attendees.

We want you to be able to meet all of the speakers. We want you to have elbowroom at the sponsored lunch events. We want you to talk directly with the representatives of all the companies. We want you to easily get your drinks at the open bar...

And we want you to have a chance to buy the small investment opportunities you’ll hear about from the world-class speakers at the best possible prices...

After all, what good would it be for everyone to get into the ideas?

That’s why we’ve set a strict limit of attendees. (Less than 175 spots left!) That’s a tiny percentage of the people who’ll read this invitation.

Act now and you still have a chance to claim an early bird discount. Before I show you how to claim your seat, however, let’s first wrap up everything you get with your admission...

Admission To The Symposium Includes...

Access to Four Days of Speakers (July 26-29, 2011): Each day will be jam-packed with analysis, information, and recommendations... you’ll have an all-access pass to every presentation in both the General Session and the much sought-after, more intimate Breakout Sessions!

Access to Over 60 Investment Opportunities: If you’re really looking for intimate deals, the companies you’ll find sponsoring booths at the symposium will be just your thing. Who knows... invest some money with your favorite company and you might end up being a partner in the next big oil find. Your symposium ticket includes full access to talk to each of our sponsors.


Daily Continental Breakfast: With the fast-paced lineup, youʼll need a healthy start to fuel the day... so enjoy a complete breakfast, each day, for free... on us!

Welcome Cocktail Gala: This is the event people are still talking about! Decadent might be an understatement in describing this annual event. Itʼs your opportunity to mingle with investment and economic experts, financial writers and successful individual investors who return to the event every year. Fellow attendees will join you to discuss their favorite ideas and stories...

Coffee and Snack Breaks: Weʼll be throwing a lot of information your way... so weʼve scheduled plenty of breaks to keep you going. Take time to reacquaint with old friends and shake hands with new ones...

Open Access to the “Whiskey Bar:” What could be more entertaining than whiskey and a heated debate between your favorite editors from Whiskey & Gunpowder? We have no idea where this "bourbon fueled" discussion will end up, but itʼs sure to be enlightening, controversial, and a heck of a good time... once again-never underestimate the power of the open bar.

Admission to this 4-day event, by the way, costs just $999 (BUT for a limited time you can claim an “early bird” discount — click on the “Register Now” link below to see your discount!).

Considering the meals, the open bars, the planned entertainment, the chocolate fountains at the welcome gala... and the fact that it costs us a small fortune to sign some of the speakers, I think you’ll agree that even at full price! it’s more than fair. Luckily, you still have time to claim an early bird discount (click on the link below to see your discount.)

If being part of this intimate event sounds like something for you, here’s how to join us in Vancouver...

Two Easy Ways to Claim Your Seat

Registration couldnʼt be easier...

Option #1: Click the "Register Now" button below, enter in your information on the simple one-page registration form and click “order.” I’ll immediately send you an e-mail confirmation with your seat reservation.


Option #2: Simply call Opportunity Travel (formerly Agora Travel) at:
(800) 926-6575 or (561) 243-2460, and you’ll be able to book your Symposium ticket, air travel and hotel stay... all in one simple call!

No matter which way you choose, I suggest you do it fast. Here’s why...

We’re announcing more speakers each week. But register today and you’re locked in at the lowest price available — no matter who else is signed to speak.

And remember, last year we SOLD OUT a full 42 days BEFORE the symposium. We were forced to turn everyone else away. Don’t miss your chance to join me as we discuss...

Fight or Flight: Capital at Risk


Or Call Opportunity Travel at:

(800) 926-6575 or (561) 243-2460

I look forward to meeting you this July 26-29 in beautiful Vancouver, BC.

Bruce Robertson
Bruce Robertson
Symposium Director

Last Chance!P.S. Register today and you’ll claim an early bird discount. Consider it a “thank you” for registering early. But... I can only keep this discount open until Midnight, May 9th. After that, the price goes up. Click the “Register Now” button to see your discount!


Or Call Opportunity Travel at:

(800) 926-6575 or (561) 243-2460