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Dear reader,

After 40 years of doing business, we’ve made the decision to “shut down” the traditional Laissez Faire business model, effective today. I’ll explain our reason behind this change in a moment. But first, here’s why this is good news for you...

Alongside the traditional bookstore comes something radically different — something sure to impact everything from your knowledge of economics to the way you protect your liberty against the growing police state, and even to how you look at your personal freedom (or lack thereof).

We’ve made this change for one big reason: After looking back at Laissez Faire Books’ long history, we realized that we’ve provided only “analysis” of political and economic trends. We were missing an important piece, the “actionable ideas” you could put in place to live a smarter, happier and wealthier life.

Today, for the first time, we’ve found a way to deliver you the knowledge base of all the classic economic ideas and combine that knowledge with legal things you can do to work around laws that affect your personal liberties.

That's why we've decided to launch a brand-new revolution, designed to give you both analysis and actionable ideas. Here's just one example of how this new project will help you...

Although you may not know this, the government passed a law in 1993 that’s surely cost you thousands of dollars in new clothes. The law removed a vital ingredient from detergent that kept clothes clean and white. They claimed the ingredient created algae growth in streams and ponds. Their claim has never been proven. Even to this day, nearly 20 years later.

But I’ve found a natural element that works around this boneheaded regulation legally. Add a cup of this to your next wash and it will whoosh away stains and dirt, leaving clothes clean and smelling fresh. Best of all, you can buy this from the paint department at your local Home Depot or Lowe’s. It’ll cost you less than a dime per wash, yet it could save you thousands of dollars in clothes over the years.

You may not think government regulation on laundry detergent is a huge problem. But it’s these small laws that, added up, really put the boot on our throats.

Over the course of my 20-year career, I’ve found roughly a dozen of these small workarounds. Each of them can help you take back control of your own life, despite the efforts of Uncle Sam and the legions of regulators who believe they’re in a position to tell you how to live your life.

I’ve written up all these loopholes in a new report called Hack Your Showerhead: Plus, Nine Other Ways to Get Big Government out of Your Home.

As executive editor of Laissez Faire Books, I’ll gladly send you a copy of this report, free of charge. In return, all I ask you do is agree to be part of an exciting new change in our business...

I’d like to invite you to become a charter member in the brand-new Laissez Faire Club — the first comprehensive, digital-age society of big ideas.

As a member, you’ll have everything you need to cultivate learning and living a free life. And best of all, everything included with the club comes to you for free with your membership, potentially saving you hundreds of dollars in expenses.

Your membership starts with the report I’ve just told you about, Hack Your Showerhead: Plus, Nine Other Ways to Get Big Government out of Your Home. This report shows the best ways that you can fight back against other ways the regulators are trying to wreck your way of life. The way to receive the report is to become a club member.

You’ll also receive our new Economics in One Library box set of books, mailed directly to your doorstep. This carefully selected set includes the great work by Henry Hazlitt, Economics in One Lesson; plus Garet Garrett’s A Bubble That Broke the World (the true story of the Great Depression); and F.A. Hayek’s A Tiger by the Tail. Each includes fantastic introductory material to explain what it is all about.

In addition, this set will include a new edition of Frédéric Bastiat’s classic essay The Law, with an introduction by Agora Inc.’s founder, Bill Bonner. Having reread this monograph recently, I’m amazed at just how timely it truly is. I can see why it has inspired so many over the course of a century and a half. In some ways, this one essay is all you need to understand the social, economic and political orders. It opens eyes as nothing else.

Together, these four books help you understand the world in a whole new way, providing greater clarity on politics, economics and personal life management. Never again will you be confused about terms like Keynesian spending, quantitative easing or credit default swaps.

This Economics in One Library set will be for sale in the Laissez Faire Bookstore for more than $30. But as a charter member to the Laissez Faire Club, you’ll have it delivered to your doorstep at no charge.

In addition, your charter membership to the Laissez Faire Club:

Those are a lot of benefits, I know. So let’s cover some of those things in more depth...

FREE E-BOOKS: When you become a charter member to the Laissez Faire Club today, you’ll enjoy one new book per week. But it doesn’t come in a packet. It is delivered through the website and arrives for your e-reader. It could be an early release of a new book by one of today’s most-remarkable writers. It could a great classic.

Regardless, each one will be what is called an “essential read.” Each one is custom-built with new introductory material and other tools.

This weekly delivery will cause the digital bookshelf to fill up fast. That is just fine. A digital reader can carry whole libraries in a thin package. Members will have access to an archive that will add books as fast as we can make them.

And if you don’t have an e-reader, don’t worry. You’ll be able to download each of these books directly to your computer, should you choose to read that way.

We’ll sell these e-books through the Laissez Faire Bookstore for anywhere between $5–20 each. But as a member, these will all come your way at no charge.

But a bigger benefit than just being free is the fact that these books will provide you with an education unrivaled by any Ivy League university.

FREE VIDEO SUMMARY NOTES: I’m often told that my own video reviews of books are wonderfully informative because I boil down hundreds of pages into small bites and explain the themes and ideas in the context of the current political and economic culture. As a Laissez Faire Club member, you’ll be able to download and enjoy as many of these video analyses for free, for as long as you’d like.

I will involve others in these video reviews as time goes on. I’ll interview authors, ask experts in various fields to weigh in and broaden the discussion to include older works.

LIVE ONLINE SEMINARS: Imagine if you could have studied under F.A. Hayek or Ludwig von Mises in the 1930s. Their modern equivalent will be made available to club members in real-time. Here’s how...

Technology today allows for live online seminars in which people can gather to hear lectures. This has been possible for only a few years, and in my view, this is an underused technology today. It has great potential to allow you to meet up in real-time with some of the best thinkers and experts.

But the vision of the club goes far beyond distributing literature...

Have you been reading about the government’s attacks on the Internet and how this is has alarmed advocates of free speech?

Well, the chilling effect has already arrived, and public spaces are becoming ever less useful and informative. That brings me to what I believe could be the most-exciting part of this club...

PRIVATE COMMUNITIES TO SHARE IDEAS: The Laissez Faire Club provides exactly what is needed right now: a free city within the digital world. This private city stays off the search engines, protects your privacy, keeps your browsing habits and discussions out of reach from prying eyes and allows you to form real friendships with safety and confidence.

A members-only forum provides an opportunity to read along with others and discuss the books, chapter by chapter, giving your reactions and considering them alongside other members.

This is a wonderful way to stay constantly in touch with people who share your values and contribute to your learning and knowledge. It will become your essential community, the basis of professional networks and great friendships.

Forums can form charming internal cultures and be thoroughly humane and friendly for everyone — provided they are set up properly. The big problem with most public forums, however: They are too public. Public forums invite drive-by commentators, trolls, lurkers, jerks, flame wars and worse. A very common complaint concerns profanity. Administrators work hard to keep the culture clean, and as a moderator of many forums for years, I can tell stories you wouldn’t believe. It is a full-time job that is never done.

But you know what solves it all? A wall, privatization, the formation of a “club,” the creation of a “gated community.” This is what lets a vibrant and healthy community develop, one based on civility, intelligence, mutual respect and genuine excitement about ideas. This is part of what the Laissez Faire Club offers.

Having built many Web properties from 1995 onward, I can assure you that there’s never been a better time to join this effort. And when you claim your charter membership today, you’ll be in fine company.

The initial “brain trust” we’ve assembled to lead this effort includes...

I’m thoroughly convinced this club will change your life — putting you in place to take control of your health, happiness and finances — as nothing else ever has.

It’s the unity of actionable ideas, technology and private enterprise, all in one package. I know of no other “club” like this in the world.

That’s why I couldn’t be more excited to invite you to become a charter member. Give membership a try...

Take advantage of the ideas in your free report, Hack Your Showerhead: Plus, Nine Other Ways to Get Big Government out of Your Home. Read and digest the timeless theory in your free Economics in One Library box set. Download all your new e-books and video analyses... participate in the private idea-sharing forums... it’s all yours.

And through this offer, you can become a charter member for the monthly price you might pay for a fast-food value meal... just $10 per month.

I’m sure you’d agree that ideas are the most valuable commodity in the world — more valuable than riches and more powerful than governments. Ideas are real. They built civilizations and drive history. It’s time that we take them seriously and mix the right ideas with the right market forces. This can be a new beginning for all the things we believe in.

Simply click here to claim your charter membership to the Laissez Faire Club.

I hope to see your name on the membership list...


Jeffery Tucker
Executive Editor, Laissez Faire Books

P.S. As soon as I hear from you today, I’ll email you your free Hack Your Showerhead report. In that email, I’ll include your club username and password. And finally, I’ll drop your Economics in One Library set in the mail for you to enjoy.

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