The Last Currency Loophole Closes in:
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The Last Legal Currency Loophole in America

This Little-Known "Error" at the U.S. Mint Can Hand You an Average (and Virtually Risk-Free) 14% Gain Right Now...

And a 228%-plus Gain Over The Coming Years.

But Hurry: The Wheels Have Been Set in Motion to Correct This "Error" by Dec. 14, 2012.

“This happens to be my investment of the year…”— Financial reporter Adam C.

Dear Reader,

When I first heard the story of how a small group of Americans were beginning to hoard a certain type of coin, I thought they were doomsday preppers at worst...

And crazy at best.

After all, the coin they’re hoarding is still actively being produced by two government-run United States mints: one in Denver, the other in San Francisco.

How could it ever be worth 200-500% more than its face value, as they claimed?

But after three months researching the situation for myself, it turns out that this group isn’t crazy at all...

In fact, I now believe this savvy group has found what could be the single best... and easiest... strategy in the world.

As I’ll show you, these minting "errors" have popped up only two other times over the past 48 years.

And in each case, the values of the coins have soared...

Here, check this out.

This odd investment would have also crushed the stock of the world’s largest oil and gas company, Exxon…


And yep, it kicked the pants off the stock of the world’s largest soda company, Coke-Cola too…


And here’s the most amazing part…

It would have even beaten investing in the stock of what most people consider to be the world’s hottest online retailer, Amazon


If you didn’t have the chance to take advantage of the first two "errors," don’t worry...

According to the research you’ll see here today, there’s a new "error" that you can take advantage of right now - one that averaged a 14% gain over the past 24 months, with absolutely zero risk...

If history repeats itself, this quirky secret could deliver you gains of 228%-plus. Or more.

All with virtually no risk whatsoever.

This error has nothing to do with sorting through old coins, trying to find ones that have certain mint marks or strike errors.

And it’s way less confusing than buying collectable coins in protective slabs and hoping their rarity makes them more valuable.

This is a CURRENT error by the U.S. Mint.

One that’s, surprisingly enough, hidden right in plain sight.

And one that... if you’ve bought anything in the past 24 hours... you’ve most likely laid your hands on.

Unfortunately, most Americans go through life never knowing that they could be holding one of the safest, most exciting investment opportunities in today’s wild times.

For the few that DO know, however, they’re loving the safety and gains it provides.

Take a look at what they’re saying...

"[This] represents an excellent investment opportunity in the highest grades."-Susan H., Boulder, Colo.

"This is a novel idea & alternative investment for sure."-Brent P., Boston, Mass.

"... buy pallets of boxes from your bank, instant 11% gain [Ed. note: at that time] on the metal content, zero downside risk, great hyperinflationary hedge."-Bill C., Birdsboro, Pa.

But here’s the thing...

Like any “error,” nothing lasts forever.

Two years ago, President Obama caught wind of this minting snafu...

In fact, he found out that this error has been costing the government $100 million each year.

So he commissioned a report to put an end to the error.

The report is due to the United States Congress on Dec. 14, 2012.

As I type this, that’s just right around the corner.

When they report, I believe this error will end for good - making it harder to take advantage of the opportunity I’d like to show you today.

Now, you may be wondering exactly what this error is.

And how you can use it to generate low-risk, triple-digit gains.

We’ll go over both of those things in just a moment...

Again, I know this may sound far-fetched now.

If I hadn’t seen this with my own eyes, I wouldn’t have believed it, either.

But listen to what some people have to say about this opportunity...

"This provides a practically risk-free method of investing..."-Dr. Peter P., Philadelphia, Pa.

"Time is definitely running out on this one."-Jon M., Cape Cod, Mass.

"I will be adding some to buy and sell in the VERY near future."-Mark D., New York, N.Y.

If you’re interested in what is most likely the safest triple-digit potential in the world, I recommend you start hoarding your own small stash of these coins too.

Remember, a similar move years ago would have beaten those stocks of major iconic brands…

It beats Exxon, Coke-Cola, Amazon


You just need to know which mints are subject to this "error"... the one specific type of coin to hoard... and how to quietly acquire the most of them.

And that’s why I’ve prepared this for you today...

I’d like to show you all the facts behind this situation.

And more importantly, provide you with some details on how to take ad-vantage of this rare occurrence for yourself...

In addition, I’ll throw in 40 of these specific coins I’ve been telling you about as a gift.

Continue watching this special presentation to discover how to get started.

As you’ll soon see, there may be no better time to get in on this opportunity than right now.

But if you’re interested in taking advantage of it, you must act swiftly.

Remember, this "error" could disappear on Dec. 14.

Let me introduce myself...

My name is Chris Schaefer. I’m a researcher for Agora Financial.

Our job is to find unique opportunities for our readers to make gains in the financial markets.

On staff, we have a Harvard-trained geologist, an ex-hedge fund insider, two certified technical analysts, a three-time best-selling macro economist, an ex-bank VP and more.

Unlike the mainstream media, we’re completely independent in our re-search.

We make our money not by selling advertising to big corporations, but by selling our research to people like you.

That means we’re incentivized only to tell you about the very best ideas we have...

We’re on record calling the rise in gold back when it was $254 per ounce.

We called the housing bust, showing readers how to make 450% gains by betting against the worst offenders.

And we predicted the financial crisis with ample time for our readers to build a fortress around their wealth.

My point is... the only way we stay in business is by providing sound financial analysis that leads readers to easy, safe and healthy recommendations.

My job, specifically, is to research ideas from top to bottom - before we send them to our subscribers.

And that leads me to the unique U.S. Mint "error" that I’d like to tell you about today...

Unlike any other investment opportunity I’ve ever found, this one is the safest.

There’s virtually no way to lose money on this.

Next, it’s also 100% free of any costs.

No commissions. No transaction fees. Totally free.

Finally, it’s 100% anonymous.

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you how precious that could be in today’s "big brother" and drone-filled world.

And best of all, this little-known "error" allows you to potentially make an instant 14% gain.

In the coming years, the gains could run as high as 228%-plus.

Some "everyday" folks are already in, and loving it. Like John C., from Fresno, Calif., who wrote...

"There is no downside to purchasing something that the value of will never go below the purchase price." -John C., Fresno, CA

And some of America’s wealthiest investors are piling in, too...

Take Kyle B., for example.

Kyle B. manages a hedge fund in Texas. He was one of the few that got the housing market bubble correct... making his investors 440%.

What’s he doing with his money now...?

You guessed it.

He’s hoarding the coins I’ve been telling you about in this letter.

He recently walked into his local bank... and exchanged dollars for 20 million of these coins.

"You really ought to call your bank and buy some now," says Kyle B.

The last time this loophole existed - more than 30 years ago - taking advantage of it could have made you a fortune...

As Newsweek reported, "In every case, the ["error"] caused the value of the original coin to skyrocket..."

In fact, this laughably simple secret would have easily beaten just about any mainstream investment opportunity.

Remember, the first error... over 45 years ago... has beaten investments in some of the world’s largest companies.

That’s why one financial reporter, Adam C., called it his "... investment of the year..."

As long as you know which Mint is producing this "error"... which specific United States coin to hoard... how to acquire them... and where to store them...

You could see huge gains like these in the coming years.

And this virtually risk-free strategy comes with a few unique benefits that we can all appreciate...

Zero Costs (No Commissions Whatsoever!)

One of the most intriguing parts of this investment opportunity is that it costs absolutely nothing to get started.

Remember, you already come across these coins daily as part of normal transactions.

You just need to know which ones they are and how to acquire the last stashes of them.

Point is: With this strategy, there are no commission fees, no middleman to deal with and absolutely no cost whatsoever for getting in on this play.

Just think of how much money you could be saving by avoiding those annoying processing fees and unexpected charges associated with plays in stocks online.

It’s much better to have real, in-your-hand money that could give you a potentially instant 14% gain.

Not only can you skip the lengthy process of filling out forms and accounts, this investment is completely anonymous...

100% Anonymous

Much like you, I get a bit unsettled when websites and businesses ask me for more information than I would like to readily give to them.

The reason being, at the end of the day, I don’t know what they’re actually going to do with all of that information.

But the great thing about this investment opportunity is that you don’t have to fill out any forms, give away telephone numbers or anything along those lines.

This investment opportunity is 100% anonymous.

You can get involved significantly in this strategy and not have any personal information in jeopardy.

Just think of the lack of anxiety knowing that you have no personal infor-mation out in the world for people to steal, all while having a massive in-vestment safely in the confines of your own home.

Compare this with gold and silver bullion...

Although most people don’t know this, the creation of the Patriot Act forced bullion dealers to keep records of their sales.

Upon order, they have to turn those records over to the government.

This investment is completely different.

Done right, there are no records kept... no databases with your infor-mation... and no finding out that you’ve taken advantage of this.

So... what is this move?

And how could it possibly be risk-free?

Let me pull back the curtain and show you...

The root of this "error" at the United States Mint can be traced all the way back to the Roman era...

An emperor during that time, Nero, was running low on funds to expand the great city he ruled.

Not to mention the new palace he wanted built for himself.

But he had one problem: He didn’t have the funding for all of this.

So he marched over to the mint and intimidated them into taking some silver out of their currency, known as the denarius.

Previously, the denarius was guaranteed 100% solid silver. But Nero had 20% of the silver taken out of each silver coin minted.

Essentially, he substituted the missing silver with copper as filler.

This meant that he could make more coins with the same amount of silver - something you may know as debasing or "clipping" the coins.

The people of Rome carried on using their coins as if they were 100% pure silver, while Nero pocketed 20% of it.

But a few smart Romans caught wind of this "error."

They began to hoard the 100% silver coins, essentially removing them from circulation.

Right now, my research leads me to believe something similar is on the horizon for us here in America.

In short, I believe that by Dec. 14, the government will announce plans to clip the metal content in the first major U.S. coin in over 30 years!

Right now, you have a unique (and low-risk!) way to "hoard" those old coins.

Why should you?

Remember, as I said earlier...

As metal prices rise, these coins will rise in price too...

If history plays out again, that means you have the potential to make 228%-plus gains...

It’s 100% anonymous.

It’s very easy, there’s no sorting required.

And you literally cannot lose money.

Savvy Americans who understand how our currency system works are already starting to do this...

"...goes to show that it is actually one of the safest metal investments."-Susan W., Ann Arbor, Mich.

"Stop dawdling, and go to the bank and trade some of your paper [Federal Reserve Notes] for something tangible."-James R., Odenton, Md.

"[T]his method does not require any physical sorting and will therefore save you a lot of time as well as making it easier for you to establish a larger position. And as we all know, time + effort = money. "-Jude C., B., British Columbia, Canada

So what if I’m wrong? And what if the Dec. 14 report I’ve been telling you about doesn’t debase the currency...?

Well, that’s the best part...

If I’m wrong (which I don’t think I am, but IF I am...), then the worst that can happen is that you’ve simply hoarded coins that you can spend at their current face value.

That’s why I said there is virtually no risk involved.

And here’s why I don’t think I’m wrong...

Our Government Has Done This Over and Over Again...

What the Romans did all those years ago... our government here in America has a history of doing over and over again.

Consider the case of old dimes and quarters...

Dimes and quarters minted with dates before 1965 contained 90% silver.

But when the cost of silver ran up, the metal content became worth more than the face value of the coin.

So during Lyndon B. Johnson’s presidential campaign, he announced that the metal content of the dime (and quarter) would be changed.

This, he claimed, would save the government hundreds of thousands in minting costs.

During his tenure, the government "clipped" the coins.

That’s why new dimes (and quarters) minted with dates after 1964 contain absolutely NO silver.

Instead, these coins are now made with copper and nickel.

But there was just one problem...

In finance there’s a theory called "Gresham’s law."

In short, it states that when a government begins creating "bad money", the "good money"... in this case the silver dimes and quarters... will be hoarded.

In time, the good money will be removed from circulation and held onto as an investment.

Just like the smart Romans did back in the day...

In LBJ’s days, savvy Americans did the same thing.

They began hoarding those pre-1965 dimes and quarters...

It’s amazing, but each pre-1965 dime now contains $2.36 worth of precious metal.

That’s an incredible 2,267% gain above and beyond the face value of the coin...

A simple search on the Internet shows that $1,000 of these pre-1965 dimes now switches hands at over $23,670.

Amazing, isn’t it?

Again, all you’d have to do was be savvy enough to hoard the coins when this "clipping" was first announced.

Of course, pre-1965 dimes and quarters weren’t the only time the United States government did this...

Years later, in 1982, they changed the makeup of the penny.

And again, Gresham’s law proved true...

Newsweek reports "pre-1982 pennies are auctioned off in mass quantities on eBay for nearly three cents apiece..."

Now I believe the stage is set again.

Put simply, we’re set to see the first major "clipping" of our coins in over 30 years...

And I believe it’s set for this Dec. 14. Here’s why.

Because of the rise in metal prices over the past few years, it now costs the American government more than DOUBLE this coin’s face value to create them.

That’s why I call it an "error."

Like him or hate him, President Obama is looking to correct this error.

That’s why he has ordered a team of researchers to go out and seek a cheaper metal to put in these coins, saving the country money.

My guess is that very soon the expensive metal will be removed from these coins.

In its place, they’ll put a cheaper metal.

Until then, all you have to do to potentially make a fortune in the coming years is to know which coin has this error... how to acquire them in bulk... and where to store them.

It’s really that simple.

But if you’re interested in getting started, the clock’s ticking - the wheels of change have already been set in motion...

In January 2012, the United States Mint began test striking new coins with cheaper metal.

Come this Dec. 14, 2012, I believe it’ll be official - Congress will put an end to the old valuable coins... and begin to mint new coins with cheap metal.

Looking at my calendar, that date’s just around the corner.

And when they do come out with these new coins, it will push the "good" coins out of circulation due to people holding onto them.

If you’re among those who hoard these coins now, you could see a nice 228%-plus gain in the coming years.

But here’s the thing...

First, I can’t say how long you’ll have to begin building your stash of these coins.

If Gresham’s law proves true again, these coins could disappear from circulation quickly once the news breaks.

And second, the United States government may consider a "search and recovery" program.

In short, this program would force banks to remove this specific coin from circulation and turn them back into the U.S. Mint.

The U.S. Mint would then melt the coins and sell the valuable metal content back into the open market for a profit.

That sounds crazy, I know.

But the Royal Canadian Mint has been doing this for nine years now.

They’re seizing any Canadian coins minted before 2001... melting them down... and selling the metal into the open market.

That means if you wait to hoard this U.S. minting error, not only will you have to compete with other savvy Americans, but you may also have to compete with the United States government itself.

Put simply, time is of the utmost essence here.

That’s why I’ve worked into the wee hours of the morning to rush you this report today...

Remember, as I mentioned earlier, it costs you absolutely nothing to take advantage of this "error" right now.

And it’s totally low risk. It’s commission free.

And you won’t even pay a sales tax.

All you need to know is which coin to hoard... how to quietly build your stash... and where to store them.

That’s why I’ve written up all my findings in a new report called, The Last Legal Currency Loophole in America: The Secret to 228%-Plus Re-turns.

As far as I know, this is the only comprehensive report available on this strategy.

And it’s yours free when you agree to sample our research in Addison Wiggin’s Apogee Advisory...

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While most folks hold their savings in a local thrift, or one of the big corporate banks...

We believe a much better way to bank is to take your savings "under-ground." Here’s what we mean...

"Underground" banking is like a normal savings account, but with one big advantage...

You don’t have to hold U.S. dollars.

With one simple call to the "underground bank" I’ll tell you about, you can diversify your savings out of the dollar and into things like commodities... foreign currencies... and precious metals.

There’s nothing illegal about this "underground" bank.

I call it that because most people I’ve met have absolutely no clue it exists.

Unlike Bank of America, SunTrust or any of the big commercial banks, the "underground" bank has only a dozen or so branch offices.

They’re all located in one state.

They barely advertise.

In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen a television commercial or heard a radio advertisement.

I also call it "underground" banking because they offer savings products way outside the normal CDs and traditional accounts.

For example - in the past, they’ve offered a way to turn your savings account into a basket of commodities.

If those commodities went up as the feds printed worthless dollars, you got to enjoy the upside.

But if commodities lost value over the years, this "underground" bank returned 100% of your initial deposit.

My point is...along with the currency "error" I showed you earlier... this is another rare, extremely low-risk investment opportunity.

The people I’ve introduced "underground" banking to love it. They’ve written to me to say...

"Overall, I am quite pleased with the success of [underground banking]... and I am happy they make these options available, as they would be difficult to arrange in the financially backward USA otherwise."-Matt H.

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If you’re interested, I’d love to tell you more about "underground" banking...Agree to try our research and you’ll get a free copy of my second special report, Underground Banking - Radical New Ways to Save and Grow Your Money.

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Agree to try Addison’s research and we’ll ship you both copies of the special reports I’ve been telling you about today...

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It’s a simple as that.

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You won’t need a calculator to do what I’m suggesting - just a pen and a napkin.

How’s this secret "set it and forget it" strategy performed?

Well, that’s the best part...

In the past 39 years, this simple strategy has suffered only two down years.

In 1981, it lost 4%. And in 1994, it lost 2.5%.

Throughout the other 37 years - throughout booms and busts - it continued to churn out gains.

In total (including the two losing years), the secret compounded wealth at nearly 10%.

Had you invested just $10,000 into this secret in 1972 for example, you’d be sitting on over $315,000 today.

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What is this simple move? And how do you put it into action today?

Everything you need to know is in a third report, called The Secret to "Set It and Forget It" Wealth.

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As I told you earlier, I work for Agora Financial - one of the world’s leading independent financial research firms.

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Despite people wanting to pay for The 5 Min. Forecast itself, it’s something we don’t sell at any price.

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To get started today, simply click the "Subscribe Now" link below... and fill out the secure order form on the next page. And don’t worry... you’ll still be able to review your order before you commit to anything.

But remember, when this report is due to Congress on Dec. 14, the cat will be out of the bag.

So this is a classic example of how "the early bird catches the worm."

Those who act swiftly may be ahead of the crowds.

I hope to hear from you soon.

Best regards,

Chris Schaefer

Chris Schaefer
Researcher, Agora Financial

Oh one more thing...

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