In January 2017, bitcoin was trading near $1,000…

It crossed above $3,000 by June…

And then briefly hit $5,000 in September…

By early December, the great bitcoin rally had screamed to a staggering $10,000.

The results are clear. Bitcoin has proven it can turn just a few bucks into a fortune. And it’s only the beginning.

With the world of cryptocurrencies evolving– more and more mainstream investors are noticing the life-changing possibilities they opportunities offer.

Even with all the excitement around cryptos right now, we understand it can be downright confusing. That’s why we’re here!

At The Crypto Alert, our aim is to guide you through the exciting world of cryptocurrencies—giving you the opportunity to profit from this wild ride.

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Prior to his dive into the world of crypto, Rich Jacobs worked for both Intel and Motorola. With decades of experience in the tech industry, in 2016 Rich started Future Tech Podcast — where he interviews founders and CEOs in artificial intelligence, nanotech, brain computer interface, blockchain, cryptocurrency and other up-and-coming industries. To date, Rich has interviewed over 300 compan...

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Cryptocurrencies are underfollowed and trading at a major discount — but they’re poised for explosive moves higher. Mainstream interest in the space is heating up because of Bitcoin’s rapid price ascent. The moment for cryptocurrencies has arrived and, accordingly, investors need to add some exposure in their portfolios. That’s why we created, The Crypto Alert.

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