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Want stocks that pack the biggest punch? Go small! While the mainstream media focus on the biggest companies, it neglects an entire universe of incredible firms that are the quiet driving forces behind today’s pioneering innovation and disruptive, life-changing technologies: Small-cap technology companies.

As a result, most investors are oblivious to the immense profit potential that these stocks hold. Don’t be one of them.

With VentureCap Strategist, we take a three-step approach to making you money: First, we identify the fastest-growing, most enduring trends. Second, we hunt down the most promising companies behind them. And third, as the name suggests, we take a venture capitalist approach to our investing – bringing deep, institutional-level research to our recommendations and investing in companies at various stages of their development.

At the helm is one of technology’s most highly regarded and well-connected experts, Louis Basenese. Before co-founding Wall Street Daily, Louis invested over $1 billion worth of institutional capital and with an uncanny ability to identify the most lucrative opportunities, boasts a track record littered with double- and triple-digit winners. A frequent guest on CNBC, Louis is also the Founder of Disruptive Tech Research – an independent tech research and advisory firm serving the investment management community.

Meet The Editor

Louis Basenese

Louis Basenese helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital at Morgan Stanley before leaving Wall Street for Silicon Valley. Now, as the world’s premier venture capital analyst, Louis tracks early investment opportunities born from technological breakthroughs and new drug discoveries. His deep expertise of patents, buyouts, takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, Reg-D offerings, and crow...

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