Now is the time for cryptocurrencies. Consider that venture capitalists – who are often the first to fund truly game-changing innovations – are on board. Four cryptocurrency projects recently raised a staggering $660 million – in just 30 days. Then a marquee venture capitalist left his post at Union Square to invest solely in crypto assets. He’s reportedly secured $100 million worth of investor funds to launch his initiative.

This is only the beginning, though. Based on our early research, at least 15 more crypto hedge funds will launch before the end of the year.

Rest assured, we’ll alert you to the most exciting cryptocurrencies earlier than anyone else on the planet — and to help you ultimately profit from them just like an institutional investor.

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Louis Basenese

Louis Basenese helped direct over $1 billion in institutional capital at Morgan Stanley before leaving Wall Street for Silicon Valley. Now, as the world’s premier venture capital analyst, Louis tracks early investment opportunities born from technological breakthroughs and new drug discoveries. His deep expertise of patents, buyouts, takeovers, mergers & acquisitions, Reg-D offerings, and crow...

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Jonathan Rodriguez

Serving as Wall Street Daily's Senior Analyst, Jonathan has helped develop successful products that earned readers triple-digit gains. With a focus in options trading, he has worked alongside the brightest minds in the financial industry to uncover timely and profitable investment opportunities. Before joining WSD, Jonathan spent nearly a decade in retail management and client relations with Fortu...

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Martin Hutchinson

For 27 years, Martin Hutchinson was an international merchant banker in London, New York, and Zagreb. He ran derivatives platforms for two European banks before serving as director of a Spanish venture capital company, advisor to the Korean company Sunkyong, and chairman of a U.S. modular building company. In Zagreb, he established the Croatian debt capital markets, set up the corporate finance op...

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