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For the first time ever, Vertical Trade Alert lets you harness the power of professional-grade trend following algorithms to wring market-crushing gains out of a simple market anomaly.

Vertical Trade Alert leverages the explosive upside power of short squeezes, the buying frenzy that occurs when short sellers are forced to buy back shares of a stock.

When combined with a trend following trading system, betting on stocks getting short-squeezed can grab most of the up move, while staying away when a stock remains range-bound.

Most importantly, we don’t need to scour the market for stocks that meet those conditions. The system we’ll be using in Vertical Trade Alert is totally computerized. You don’t have to be an expert trader to put this groundbreaking investment research service to work for your own portfolio — all of our system’s buy and sell alerts are delivered in a simple, easy-to-follow format.

Even if you’ve never bought a stock or option before, Vertical Trade Alert will show you the ins and outs of trend following trading with minimal risk, so you can get started right from day one.

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Jonas Elmerraji’s first foray with the financial world came early – in a class on the stock market in the fifth grade. From then on, he was hooked. By high school, he was already getting corporate CFOs on the phone, grilling them about their firms’ financial statements. Jonas started his career working in investment operations for a mutual fund company with $617 billion in assets under manageme...

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