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The goal of Massengill’s Defense Tech Alert is simplehuge amounts of public money are about to pour into America’s defense industry. And Kevin Massengill believes Donald Trump’s election and his promise to rebuild the U.S. armed forces over the coming years means big potential profits for you.

He is leveraging the power of his proprietary system called the D.R.O.N.E. System to turn the coming defense spending boom into substantial profits for you.

Meet The Editor

Kevin Massengill

Kevin W. Massengill was named editor of Rickards’ and Massengill’s Defense Technology Alert by Agora Financial in 2016. Mr. Massengill is the founder and CEO of a fintech data analytics firm, Meraglim Inc., a senior executive in Fortune 500 aerospace, defense and information technology companies, a private equity firm in Chicago and he is an advisory board member of a California technology startup...

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New Trade Recommendation Alerts published the 2nd Monday of every month

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Massengill's Defense Technology Alert is a newsletter that gives you up-to-the minute research on the best and most profitable defense industry plays set to pop during the Trump defense-spending wave. It’s your key to turning small defense companies into potential life-changing fortunes.

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