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In a world full of low interest rates, economic uncertainty and broken promises, investors have limited options for generating reliable investment income. Contract Income Alert was designed to take advantage of special income opportunities that are very different from conventional Wall Street “buy and hope” strategies.

Our investment approach is built on buying corporate bonds. When you own a corporate bond, the issuing corporation literally owes you a debt that – by law – must be repaid, with interest. For every bond you own, you can expect two lucrative interest payments each year. And when the debt comes due, you can expect to receive every penny that the company owes you.

What a welcome change from the uncertainty on Wall Street today!

Best of all, at Contract Income Alert we only buy bonds when we can purchase them for a discount price. Zach uses his Wall Street connections and my 15+ years of professional investment experience to find bonds we can buy for 90 cents, 70 cents on the dollar, 60 cents on the dollar, or sometimes even below 50 cents on the dollar.

Editor Zach Scheidt is on a mission to find bonds at discount prices, so you can double your money in five years or less. And remember, these bond payments are backed up by legal contracts that require you to be paid. And since your interest payments are also protected by law, our Contract Income Opportunities are some of the safest, most lucrative ways to turbo charge your investment income.

Meet The Editors

Zach Scheidt

Zach Scheidt is the editor of a library of investment advisories dedicated to finding Wall Street’s best yields. He brings to the table impeccable investment management experience and a solid record of identifying oversized payout opportunities. In Zach’s flagship service, Lifetime Income Report he has given readers over ten positions with 80-145% gains — as well as yields of up to 8.7% on KKR ...

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Jody Chudley

Jody Chudley is a contributing analyst to Lifetime Income Report and Contract Income Alert. Jody is a qualified accountant with a degree in Finance from Brandon University. After spending fifteen years in various finance and planning roles with an international financial institution, Jody set out to manage his portfolio on a full-time basis. His background in finance has made him an expert in ...

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Publication Schedule

Monthly issues are published online during the fourth week of the month. Weekly updates are delivered via email every Wednesday.

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