Extreme Alpha brings you top-tier options strategies… designed to help you maximize your potential earnings while keeping your risk at an absolute minimum.

Nothing exemplifies our strategy better than the options we recommended ahead of Trump’s new tax plan, which JUST PASSED!

I hope you cashed in on some of our big winners, like the Home Depot spread that soared 72% in nine weeks… the NVIDIA spread that jumped 104% in three months… or even the Caterpillar calls that skyrocketed as much as 291% in 12 weeks.

I’m pretty proud of that record, and I wish it could continue on for many more years. But my publisher, Wall Street Daily, has been acquired by another company. And while I was offered a chance to continue Extreme Alpha, I’ve decided instead to focus on my institutional advisory firm, Disruptive Tech Research.

So we are shutting down Extreme Alpha, effective immediately. This is your final alert from me.