7-Day Spikes shows you a brand-new way of making money like nothing we’ve ever seen before.

Thanks to a 15 digit code Andrew has access to from a live data feed coming straight from the New York Stock Exchange, collecting thousands of dollars every Friday has never been so easy.

Without the stress of buying and holding…

Without the risk of tying up large amounts of cash…

And without needing to pay Wall Street any commissions to access a live data feed.

Using Andrew’s system you have the chance to cash out each and every Friday.

Meet The Editor

Andrew Keene

Andrew Keene is the editor of The Alpha Shark research desk at Agora Financial including the daily Alpha Shark Scanner PRO, the monthly Alpha Shark Letter and the bi-weekly CryptoShark Trader. He’s also the founder of a seperate business called AlphaShark Trading which founded in 2011. Andrew’s worked as a proprietary trader at the Chicago Board Options Exchange. He began his career in th...

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Publication Schedule

A new recommendation every single Monday after the market close, along with biweekly commentary on the state of the market and any open trades.