Nomi Prins for CNBC: The Polarization of Global Politics

Posted On May 23, 2019 | Broadcast

Nomi Prins, an editor for Paradigm Press and author of Collusion, appeared on CNBC to discuss the polarization of global politics. Said Prins:

If the governments can actually get together, at least have individuals from both sides of the divide, to look at how do we fund infrastructure growth, how do we fund building, how do we fund jobs, what do we do to make it look better for longer on the ground, I think there is common ground and agreement that that needs to be done. The question is how we finance that. I think there are ways we can finance that. We can remonetize debt, we can swap debt into revenue types of bonds, so we can actually grow economies rather than just sort of diffuse things in political discourse.

Prins went on to comment on the dissent that exists in America because of the huge divide that exists between rich and poor and said that even though growth has been better in the U.S., it isn’t stable growth and still needs to be handled so people can feel secure in their government.

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