Jim Rickards for CNN Business: Reporting Blunder Alone Doesn't Justify Liability

Posted On Dec 3, 2017 | Web/Print

Jim Rickards, an editor for Paradigm Press, author, economist, and former securities law attorney, was quoted in a CNN Business article regarding President Trump’s suggestion that investors should sue ABC News following a reporting error.

“A reporting blunder alone isn’t enough to justify liability,” said Rickards. “It’s complete nonsense. Brian Ross [the reporter] might have been sloppy, but it is pretty clear he didn’t intentionally create a story with the intention of sinking the stock market.”

Stocks fell after ABC News reported that Flynn, President Trump’s former aide, was prepared to testify against President Trump regarding contact with Russia.

Other experts weighed in that without evidence of a deliberate plot, there are no grounds to sue a news organization over an error that moved markets.

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