Homegrown. Creative Destruction.

Posted On Nov 17, 2018 | Event

In November 2018, employees of Agora Financial raised a glass to another great year at the Pepsi Cola Bottling Co. in Baltimore, Maryland. Revolution Event along with the Classic Catering People transformed the space into three of Baltimore’s neighborhoods: Hampden, the Inner Harbor and Greektown.

A unique location for any party, Walmart previously used the large space for storage. It exemplified everything Addison Wiggin, executive publisher at Agora Financial, wanted for his latest soiree.

The theme, “Homegrown, creative destruction,” stems from one of Wiggin’s favorite books about creativity and invention, A Technique for Producing Ideas, and from the economist Joseph Schumpeter’s idea that “capitalism as an economic system bares within it the seeds of its own destruction.”

In summary, the book states that no new ideas exist and all we can do is work with old ideas and connect them in new and different ways. Wiggin considers this “homegrown” because as a business, “We have to do the hard work of connecting ideas in new ways all day, every day. We have to invent the business we work in.” Schumpeter addresses the same point from a different perspective: Ideas pave the way for newer ideas and bigger opportunities.

When combining these ideologies, you can better understand how Agora Financial operates as a company and how it fulfills its goals of bringing valuable information to its subscribers.


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