Choose Yourself Financial Launches Latest Newsletter - Altucher's Investment Network

Posted On Apr 26, 2019 | Press Release

Baltimore, MD (May 10, 2019) – Doug Hill, publisher of Choose Yourself Financial, is pleased to announce the release of James Altucher’s latest newsletter, Altucher’s Investment Network.

The newest publication to join the Choose Yourself Financial lineup focuses on strategies to help readers grow their wealth, establish true financial security and earn independence.

“Every investment is a bet, and every bet has two sides,” wrote Altucher. “If you don’t have the skill set of a good investor, the odds are against you.”

As a former hedge fund manager and venture capitalist, Altucher already possessed the skills of a good investor, but he wanted to give readers even more. He decided to tap into his inner circle, one comprised of the smartest players in Silicon Valley and Wall Street. Collectively, their mission is to share the strategies of the top 1%.

Each issue, scheduled monthly, will cover topics like potential opportunities to make money, economic analysis, supplementary investment materials, interviews for alternative perspectives and research on explosive new sectors

The decision to create an entirely new newsletter stemmed from a trend in reader feedback Altucher was receiving from his newsletter The Altucher Report. He recognized that readers wanted a newsletter that focused only on financial topics so they could grow their portfolio and ensure their financial future and retirement. Initially, the team thought to provide deeper stock market analysis in the current report but knew they could serve their readers better, and in true Agora Financial fashion, they did.

About Agora Financial

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