Beau Henderson for Forbes: Predicaments with Social Security

Posted On May 7, 2018 | Web/Print

Beau Henderson, an editor for Saint Paul Research, retirement professional, a money and business strategist, author, radio host and CEO of RichLife Advisors , published an article in Forbes about the predicaments Americans face when filing for Social Security:

“Filing for Social Security isn’t just about your retirement age, filing early or deciding to wait; it’s about having a strategy,” wrote Henderson. “People are leaving thousands of dollars on the table because they don’t understand their options. This matters because given today’s longer retirement, Social Security is an even bigger deal.”

Henderson noted that retirees used to rely on pensions, retirement savings and Social Security to fund their retirement. However, today, with fewer companies offering pensions and increased difficulty withdrawing income from retirement savings, a majority of the focus has shifted to Social Security.

Henderson highlighted the three most common mistakes people make when it comes to Social Security and the remedies to these missteps.

Find the full article here.

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