Alan Knuckman for Fox News LIVE: Current Market Performance

Posted On Apr 5, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, an editor for Saint Paul Research and market watcher, made an appearance on Fox News to discuss the impact of the Federal Reserve’s interest rate hikes on market performance and what stands out in current market conditions.

“Everybody likes a rocket ship and we’ve had a rocket ship from 2009. It’s been 10 straight years of this trend and it’s not changing anytime soon. We’re this close to making new all-time highs once again,” said Knuckman.

Knuckman noted that if investors continue to be bullish and continue to approach the economy as they have been doing, the S&P could go even higher.

He later went on to comment on the market, stating, “It’s got some strong breadth. It’s very, very positive, and I think the opportunity still exists in the energy sector… I think that’s going to be the catalyst to kick this market into higher gear one more time.”

Find the full clip here.

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