Alan Knuckman for Yahoo Finance: A Lot More Upside Left in Stock Market

Posted On Jun 19, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, editor at St. Paul Research and chief market strategist at Agora Financial, joined Yahoo Finance to discuss the stock market ahead of the FOMC’s June meeting.

“I’m focused on what we see with the stock market. We saw a great reversal and built on it last week. We made new lows and a higher close on a weekly basis the week before. That’s how bottoms get put in. And we’ve seen some follow-through on that right now,” said Knuckman. “So stocks are strong and more important, they’re stable. We’ve got the VIX down here at 15, so we just made new three-week lows in the last couple sessions, which is very much a positive sign.”

In the broadcast, Knuckman also weighed in on ECB president Mario Draghi’s comment about rate cuts and the current pressure on Fed Chair Jerome Powell.

Find the full broadcast here.

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