Alan Knuckman for Fox Business: Optimism Wins

Posted On Jun 17, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, editor at St. Paul Research, appeared on Fox Business to comment on the current state of the market:

Markets aren’t happy or sad; the investors behind the trades are the ones that enjoy the profits or the losses. So for me it’s optimism that wins. We’re still in a bull market. The S&P is only 2% from its all-time, forever top with all these things that have happened so far in 2019. And if you look at the tech market, we’re up almost 30% off the lows from December, and we still have a lot more upside. This is the fifth time that we’ve seen tech turn down 10%, and every other time it’s rallied and made new all-time highs,” said Knuckman.

Knuckman went on to state that there is still more left in the market and that in the future traders should remember that losses can easily be solved and moved on from.

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