Alan Knuckman for Fox Business: It's All About Perspective

Posted On May 8, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, an editor for St. Paul Research, appeared on Fox Business to discuss sell-off intensity in response to President Trump’s trade talks with China, the pending tariff increase and the importance of perspective.

“Let’s remember, just at the close of yesterday, the S&P and the tech NDX were only three-quarters of a percent away from their all-time forever highs. It seems like more pain when you look at the numbers because we’re at such lofty levels, but look at the percentages,” said Knuckman. “We’re off 2%. That’s very reasonable. It is uncomfortable, obviously, to see this sell-off, but I agree [that] optimism wins and we’ll have to see how this all gets sorted out.”

Alan went on to comment on gold’s reaction to stock market uncertainty and the quickness with which things happen. He again urged the public to “see where we are by week’s end” before making any decisions.

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