Alan Knuckman for Bloomberg: The Strength of the Dollar

Posted On Apr 30, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, an editor for St. Paul Research, appeared on Bloomberg Markets: The Close to discuss the current strength of the dollar and its future in the market.

“If we look at today’s action, you can see the new highs in the dollar, and we may see a lower close. That may be a sign of a slowdown, but the good news is the macro market disconnect,” said Knuckman. “Even though the dollar is strong and up here at multiyear highs, we’ve got stocks in oil maintaining their overall strength. They’re on a big comeback climb, so I view that as a positive that the dollar is not having any impact on other asset classes.”

Knuckman additionally commented on euro currency’s volatility and the possibility that a bottom is closer in play.

Find the full segment here.

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