Alan Knuckman for Bloomberg: Opportunities in the Solar Sector

Posted On Apr 8, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, an editor for Saint Paul Research, appeared on Bloomberg Markets: The Close to discuss his options strategy for the solar sector and opportunities within the financial sector.

“I’m looking at an option for January. Give yourself about 10 months of time. That January $15.00 strike is the midpoint of that sideways range that we traded in for many years, so that’s a good solid support point to lean on,” said Knuckman. “The $15.00 strike is trading for about $6.00. That option is $4.50 in the money, so I think it’s also a sector that could benefit from these higher energy prices that are going to that sector to the upside.”

Knuckman also commented on the banking financial sector and believes that there is an opportunity for another breakout because of how it has held. Knuckman claims, “From a trader’s perspective I think that that’s a good long-term value.”

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