Agora Financial's Web Personalization Strategy with Lytic's Tool

Posted On Apr 1, 2017 | Web/Print

In April 2017, Agora Financial completed a web personalization strategy using Lytics’ Personalization product. The need for this tool resulted from Agora Financial’s continued desire to offer a personal and tailored approach to its marketing campaigns.

“Our means of advertising on our own web properties were limited to traditional banner placement. The vendor we used was very rigid and we could not really leverage the data we had on our users to make the experience more personalized,” said TJ Tate, web director at Agora Financial.

With interests in finance, health and lifestyle, the marketing team wanted to ensure they were providing content of interest to their customers, ultimately creating a better customer experience. Similarly, they sought to connect users with other subscriptions that could be of further significance and value to them.

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