Agora Financial Launches Its Newest Imprint - Paradigm Press

Posted On Mar 29, 2019 | Press Release

Baltimore, Maryland (March 29, 2019) — Agora Financial LLC, a research firm that provides independent economic commentary, analysis and education through print issues, online publications, videos and conference calls, announces the launch of its newest franchise, Paradigm Press.

Paradigm Press provides actionable advice for its 450,000 subscribers based on its “editors’ alternative paradigms — their mental models and worldviews.”

“Instead of waiting around for paradigm shifts, our editors uncover better paradigms you can use today. Ahead of the mainstream. These are better models for explaining how the world works,” said Peter Coyne, publisher at Paradigm Press.

The release comes with exciting new features including a website,, now live, and additional subscription opportunities. Subscribers can expect to receive the same high-quality research and advice from Paradigm’s top experts on the new platform. They can also expect an easy transition to the new website because of its similar layout and functionalities to

The launch was the result of Agora Financial’s decision to spin out into separate units back in 2018. While these will continue to operate as divisions of Agora Financial, the process allows for franchises like Paradigm to offer their subscribers even more strategies and recommendations than ever before.

About Agora Financial

Agora Financial provides independent economic commentary, analysis, and education through print and online publications, videos, online seminars, conference calls and more. Agora Financial was a finalist for the Baltimore Business Journal’s Best Places to Work 2016 and placed in the Baltimore Sun’s Top Workplaces Rankings for 2016 and 2017 in the Small-Sized Workplaces category. Agora Financial writers have been featured by The Wall Street Journal, The Economist, CNBC, Fox Business News, Reuters, Bloomberg, U.S. News & World Report, Financial Times, The Washington Post, San Francisco Chronicle, Los Angeles Times, The Daily Telegraph and many more. Learn more about Agora Financial at and follow them on Twitter, Facebook, and LinkedIn.

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