Agora Financial Featured in TechCompany News Article

Posted On May 11, 2019 | Web/Print

In May 2019, Agora Financial was featured in an article by TechCompanyNews, a website dedicated to covering innovative companies like Autodesk, Allurez and Drobo:

“Our experts have decades of combined experience researching trends like macroeconomics, trading strategies, tech and much more. And through bull markets and bear markets, we’ve been able to leverage that experience to help our subscribers. If you give our experts a trend, they will go find potentially lucrative moneymaking opportunities. Collectively we are stronger than any money manager because in the end, we are independent and unbiased. We exist only to serve our members’ best interests. The thousands of percent in total cumulative returns our readers could have made with our recommendations and analysis is proof.”

In addition to covering what Agora Financial is as a company, the piece includes topical answers on topics like the importance of financial literacy, how we provide unbiased research and our plans for the future.

Find the full article here.


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