Alan Knuckman for Fox Business: Stock Pace Despite Global Tensions

Posted On Jun 14, 2019 | Broadcast

Alan Knuckman, editor for St. Paul Research and Agora Financial market strategist, appeared on Fox Business to discuss the reasons why stocks are on pace despite global tensions.

Knuckman’s reasoning is twofold:

“We were only 2% away from the all-time top in the S&P. So it’s been almost a full V recovery that we’ve seen many, many times before,” said Knuckman. “I’m standing in an interest rate pit right now and I’m looking above me. Now the market is pricing in a half-point cut here in July, so that should be beneficial to the stock market.”

Knuckman also commented on key international issues of consequence and how remaining positive and levelheaded is key in this tumultuous period.

Find the full broadcast here.

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