Nomi Prins for Fox Business: The Fed's Impact on Interest Rates

Posted On Jan 3, 2019 | Broadcast

Nomi Prins, an editor for Paradigm Press and author of Collu$ion was interviewed by Fox Business about miscommunication amongst Fed members and interest rate hikes:

They should [take a look at rate hikes] because what is happening is the whole entire quantitative easing, all of the rate lowering to begin with, did give the markets a lot of stimuli. So when you take it back without recognizing that things have changed, that there is uncertainty, that there are economic slowdowns in other parts of the world, then you tend to have these massive violent shifts. We saw that when the Fed first raised rates in December 2015, a little prematurely. 2016 opened with the markets really falling out of bed, and we are seeing that again. So they do need to take a look at more of the data.

Prins goes on to discuss Federal Reserve Chair Jerome Powell, his relationship with President Trump and how their flux is affecting interest rates.

Find the full interview here.

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