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SAVE THE DATE: JULY 30th, 2018

Agora Financial’s First-Ever4-Week Media Buyer Bootcamp

We’re on a mission to recruit and train Agora Financial’s next class of 
6-figure earning display and native media buyers…

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Send your resume and cover letter to MediaBuyerBootcamp@gmail.com

Email Now!

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Full Event Details Below:


We’re looking for a small group of competitive, hard-working, motivated individuals who, over 4-weeks, are committed to learning everything we can teach them about our business, our marketing strategies and our sales copy.

You’ll have unprecedented access to our proprietary internal systems, processes, and data.

We’ll teach you everything from our sales copy process that’s generated 100’s of millions of dollars in revenue, to the tactical strategies for building and optimizing campaigns on the largest platforms such as Google, Facebook, and Yahoo Gemini.

But most importantly, you’ll get your foot in the door at one of the largest and fastest growing direct response companies in the world. It’ll be your first step down a path to potentially earning a 6-figure income and acquiring one of the most in-demand skill sets in the world — digital marketing.


This bootcamp will be hosted at our headquarters in the historic, Mt. Vernon neighborhood of Baltimore Maryland.

Remote or virtual attendance is not available.


The sessions will run 3 days a week from July 30th – August 31st

We’ll then enter into a 2-week-long contest between attendees — where the top 3 winners automatically get a full-time job. The first place winner will get to hand pick the team and offers they want to work on.

Attendees should plan on being in Baltimore through the middle to September.

People who continue on as full-time employees will be asked to relocate to our Baltimore office for at least a year or more while they continue their training.

How Much:

Agora Financial’s First-Ever Bootcamp is FREE to every attendee.

More than that, we’ll be paying everyone a competitive salary for the duration of the bootcamp and the weeks following as we wrap everything up.

Full-time hires will then also begin receiving an incentive-based bonus structure on top of their salary. Twice annually incentive payouts will be directly tied to the number of new customers you generate for Agora Financial.

BONUS: Housing costs for out-of-town attendees will be covered in full for the duration of the bootcamp.

Who is this bootcamp for?

First, who is this bootcamp NOT for:

  • This bootcamp is not for people looking for part-time or freelance work.
  • It’s not for people who are just looking for some extra training. Remember this is a recruiting camp for people interested in full-time employment.
  • And you must be willing to relocate to Maryland and work in our Baltimore office.

But with that said…

If you’re a media buyer who has experience building and optimizing campaigns in GDN, Google Search, Facebook, Yahoo Gemini, or any of the other smaller networks and you’re looking for a new opportunity… Maybe you have no opportunity for growth in your current organization, you’re underpaid, tired of being hounded about marketing budgets, or you’re just looking to work with a higher caliber of marketers in an organization with massive resources….this bootcamp is definitely for you.

Or if you’re new to digital marketing with little to no experience, but you’re looking for an opportunity to fast-track your career and you’re willing to work your butt off to master this skill then this camp is also for you.

And finally, maybe you know NOTHING about digital marketing or what a media buyer does, but you’re good at math or statistics, you’re good at solving puzzles, and have an obsessive personality that keeps you focused on a problem or task until you’ve mastered it…then this might also be for you.

No matter your skill level, if you want to truly change your life…and you are truly serious about committing the time and energy it’ll take to become one of the best… get your application in today.

Please send an email with your resume and cover letter to:MediaBuyerBootcamp@gmail.com

Email Now!