bestplacesThe phrase “a unique corporate culture” is overused in today’s world, but at Agora Financial we have challenged ourselves to create just that. It starts with hiring smart entrepreneurial people and providing a fertile environment for them to grow. Everyone on staff is encouraged to aggressively explore new avenues, fail often and fail fast. It’s in the DNA of our business. In our hallways you hear employees openly embracing failures and discussing the lessons learned. Putting a premium on innovation and calculated risk taking, we demand individual thinking, foster an entrepreneurial environment and want our staff to “Reject the Default (a phrase that was so important it was emblazon on the front of Agora Financial tee-shirts distributed to our team).

twp_baltimore_portrait_2016_gray_awv2Described by many as having a vibrant, start-up like feel, our pet friendly office, situated in historic Mt Vernon, embraces a flattened management structure. We believe that surrounding yourself with people who are brighter than you are raises the bar for everyone. The next great idea or business breakthrough could come from anywhere and at Agora Financial our goal is to provide an environment and the tools to spawn these breakthroughs. We are always searching for entrepreneurial-minded individuals with fresh ideas and unique perspectives. For additional information on the current career opportunities at Agora Financial click the button below.

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