The URGENT: Regarding This Coming Monday
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There’s a good chance your name is on our customer service list.
This is URGENT… because it’s about what’s happening this coming Monday.
Our customer care director has recorded a 3-minute video that explains everything. Click here to watch.


Investing Legend Emerges from Florida Bunker, Stuns World By Revealing “X-Shares” Strategy
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He brought in over $200 million during the 2008 financial crash… and now legendary investor, Mike Burnick, is emerging from his Florida bunker with a new money-making strategy that could give you a chance to collect $25,450. The little-known assets behind Mike’s strategy could have made more money than normal stocks for 50 years in a row. He’s only now going public, because he believes (thank to the IRS) a 40-year flood of these assets is about hit the market… spiking higher and faster than ever before. Get all the details on your potential fortune here…


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Why Firing Your Internet Provider Could Save You $19,494

A brand-new technology – code named “Halo-Fi” – could kill off your overpriced cable company for good… beaming lightning-fast internet to your home for an estimated $7 a month.
This is undoubtedly the beginning of the end for “Big 3” internet providers.
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