Why are our video sales letters so long?

The longer length of our video sales letters is a reflection of the extensive research and due diligence we put behind every fact or claims we present. We’re dedicated to delivering our subscribers only the most accurate and up-to-date research. Each idea is thoroughly researched for an average of six weeks. Then our research is reviewed and vetted by our legal department for accuracy and timeliness. In total, it takes almost two months for us to produce a single sales promotion from start to finish.

You might be thinking we’re crazy. After all, time is money.

But we believe the accuracy and, thus, reliability of our finding are key to our subscriber’s wealth and happiness. With that said, the extra few minutes we dedicate to explaining every angle of a situation and all the details behind our publications is time well spent. We want you to know everything we know. Otherwise we’re not doing our job.

If at any point you’re interested in our research or sources you’re more than welcome to ask our customer service team or click “our sources” at the very bottom of any sales page.

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