What is the difference between Trend Following and Covel Uncensored?

It seems there’s a bit of confusion regarding my publications.

I think these questions can all be answered with a brief explanation of how my different publications work.

Trend Following With Michael Covel is a monthly publication. We run my proprietary system once a month. It scans the U.S. market looking for stocks and ETFs that are entering into an uptrend, as defined by my system.

This screening process results in hundreds of potential picks. My system then ranks the signals based on a measure of momentum. This helps us identify the strongest signal out of hundreds.

Every month we recommend the No. 1 buy signal and give you specific instructions on how you can get in on the trend.

In Covel Uncensored, published Mondays, Wednesdays and Fridays, I may talk about other buy signals triggered by my system. While these are in “buy” mode, they aren’t ranked No. 1 in my system.

Also… please keep in mind Covel Uncensored is a free letter. Anyone can go online and subscribe. If you subscribe to my monthly letter, Trend Following With Michael Covel, you also get Covel Uncensored. But I try to save the highest-ranked “buy” signals for my monthly letter, which is a paid service.

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