What does my subscription include?

For an overarching view of what your specific subscription(s) include, on Day 4 of your welcome emails, your editor will outline each benefit in your subscription. The subject line of that email would have been: “Your Complete [Subscription Name] Guide.” For example: “Your Completely Strategic Intelligence Guide” for Jim Rickards’ Strategic Intelligence.

Your subscription includes your monthly mailed and emailed newsletter and your weekly emailed newsletter. You can expect to receive this information on a regular basis. After you order a new subscription, a welcome kit may be included in your purchase to introduce you to the editor and what you can expect. This welcome kit is often sent to you in the mail.

Buy alerts and sell alerts will be sent to you as needed based on stock and market performance. Any new reports that the editor writes are included in your subscription and can be located on the website after you log in using your username and password. All materials are archived online as well. An updated model portfolio with the current recommendations is located in the “Portfolio” section of your subscription. The “Closed” tab serves as the track record for the service and is updated regularly.

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