What do I do if I am having trouble getting into a bond recommendation at Zach’s price?

If you are ever having trouble using Contract Income Alert or are having issues with a specific recommendation, please feel free to reach out to our team directly at AskZach@Agorafinancial.com.

Next, Zach recently said the following on concerns regarding the price of a bond recommendation:

I would recommend keeping orders open with a broker to buy these bonds up to our limit price for several weeks. Sometimes bonds move around quickly and it can be tough to buy them for a few days. But in many cases, there will be second and third opportunities to buy them at our limit price. I would NOT recommend paying more for these bonds. Paying more just leaves you with more risk and less income.

If you choose not to, or are unable to, participate in this recommendation, don’t worry! You will receive a new alert next month with a new recommendation!

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