What are the differences between the different categories in the Lifetime Income Report portfolio?

Basically, I arrange our Lifetime Income Report recommendations into the three portfolios based on different scenarios for the income opportunities.

First, we have our Current Income Portfolio, and as the name suggests, these are positions that are “currently” paying us income. I expect the recommendations listed in this portfolio to be medium-term holdings.

Medium term generally means 12–18 months, but we’ll hold these positions for as long as they pay attractive amounts of income. We’ll sell these positions when it looks like our income could be at risk.

Next, the Lifetime Portfolio includes all of our most stable, reliable dividend-paying companies.

I expect for us to hold these stocks for the long term, 18 months-plus. You could consider this section our “core” positions.

These “lifetime” positions may still ebb and flow with market trends, but I expect these companies to give us reliable income quarter after quarter — for years and years.

The third portfolio, Special Situations, is reserved for income opportunities that are undergoing a specific transition that makes the company exceptionally attractive. Hence the portfolio’s name.

My goal is to take advantage of the current opportunities and to watch carefully to see if and when their situations change. For these companies, we’re happy to own shares while they trade higher and the company pays a lucrative dividend. But we’ll also be happy to sell these shares at a profit and look for new situations when the time is right. We may hold these picks for less than

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