Who is Ray Blanco?

His family fled Cuba in the 1960s. They settled in Florida, where Ray was born and spent his early childhood years…

Growing up, I’ll bet you knew a kid like Ray. As a child, getting smarter was his idea of fun.

When Ray was 10, he was the geek. He spent hours in his room every night typing programming code into his Timex Sinclair 1000.

By eighth grade, while most other kids were outside knocking a baseball around, Ray was in his basement figuring out how to build what’s called a “Wilson Cloud Chamber” — a supercooled device for detecting particles of ionizing radiation.

After earning a bachelor’s degree in information technology from Hodges University, Ray spent over a decade working for public and private companies as a network technician and systems analyst. Ray used to work for one of the most successful private wealth management firms in the country — with over $30 billion in assets under management — to design and oversee their entire network infrastructure, everything from Internet connectivity to data integrity and security.

This experience included technology management for large trading and investment firms.

From advanced robotics and avionics… to genomics and biotechnology… Ray is an expert.

Combining his passion for technology with his financial and stock market expertise, he joined Agora Financial in 2009. Ray spends his days scouring the markets for “the next big thing.” Trimming his list to only the most groundbreaking, industry-shattering technologies, he helps the average Joes stay ahead of the curve… and shows them how they can substantially grow their wealth.

“Pay attention to the details and particulars, but don’t sweat the short-term stuff — or you’ll just drown in a glass of water. Even before Microsoft, Google and Facebook, technology has had a 200-year track record of making money for informed, aggressive investors.” — Ray Blanco

Ray is editor of Technology Profits Confidential , Agora Financial’s FDA Trader, and Breakthrough Technology Alert. He also contributes to Tomorrow in Review.

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