Is Microcap Millionaires included in any of the memberships?

Microcap Millionaires is not included in any of the Reserve Memberships. Agora Financial limits the subscribers to 1,000 members (we have well over 7,000 Reserve members) due to the volatility inherent in trading microcaps. We realize that microcap trading is not just for everyone, but for a very elite number of our subscribers. This is why Microcap Millionaires is not included and why it has a higher price tag than any of our other services. This, in effect, is in an attempt to protect our customers who may be interested but are not in the position to be trading microcaps. Microcaps are extremely specialized and extremely risky. If the price tag for this service is seemingly high for a subscriber, it’s a good assumption that microcap trading is not a good fit for them.

We want to offer this service to our Reserve members first, but this is not limited to only Reserve members. Once we give the Reserve members the first opportunity at our lowest discounted price, and if less than 1,000 members sign up, we are opening this service to the general public for a higher price. Once we hit 1,000 subscribers, the program is closed until there becomes another opening.

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