Is Laissez Faire included in any of the memberships?

The Laissez Faire Book Club is not included in any of the Reserve Memberships.

On March 17, 2011, Agora Financial LLC announced that it had acquired Laissez Faire Books from the International Society for Individual Liberty (ISIL). It is now a subsidiary in the family of Agora Financial.

A charter membership to the Laissez Faire Club provides you with free, high-quality e-books that we publish every other week, grants access to videos and podcasts, connects you with fellow members in business, finance and the world of ideas and much more.

Agora Financial, is a leading innovator in the financial publishing industry. Agora Financial offers a full range of publications covering ideas from every corner of the economy that you won’t hear anywhere else.

So while Agora Financial and Laissez Faire Books work very closely together and share similar ideals, the two companies operate separately.

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