How do you choose and evaluate the bond recommendations in Contract Income Alert?

Zach uses his proprietary C.A.S.H. system to evaluate each of our Contract Income Alert opportunities.

Zach’s goal for each of our opportunities is to help you double your money in five years or less.

To successfully double our money with our bond opportunities, we must buy bonds at an attractive price. This usually means that something is challenging the companies responsible for repaying the bonds. If everything were going well, the bonds would trade close to $1,000 per bond and we wouldn’t have a chance to double our money.

So the key is to look for bonds from companies that are facing temporary challenges and then look very carefully at whether the company will ultimately be able to pay the bond back in full. I’ve developed what I call my C.A.S.H. system to determine how likely our companies are to repay their debt and double our money.

Here’s what the acronym stands for:





You can learn more about Zach’s complete C.A.S.H. system in the full report here.

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