How do I find a good broker for Contract Income Alert?

A good broker relationship is key for buying high-yield bonds, and your broker’s relationship with their company’s bond desk is also important.

If you already have an account with a large Wall Street institution, I recommend using this account when buying your high-yield bonds. An account with Goldman Sachs, Morgan Stanley, Bank of America or any other well-known investment bank should do the trick.

Also, keep in mind that many niche financial advisers use these large Wall Street firms to clear their trades. So if you have an account with a smaller wealth manager or investment adviser, I suggest calling your adviser and telling him that you’re going to be buying some high-yield bond issues and ask if he or she can help you with the trade.

Lastly, online brokers can work but they may not be your best option, for a few different reasons.

Please read Zach’s full guide on how to choose a bond broker by clicking here.

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