I have a Comcast email address. How do I add your email address to my safe senders list?

To ensure that you continue to get your emails from The Daily Reckoning and Agora Financial, please add our email address to your Comcast filter. Comcast has made it easier than ever to do this.

Once you login into Comcast, click on the email icon on the right-hand side of the page.

comcast 1

Then click on “Preferences”.

comcast 2

Click on “Email filters and signatures,” located on the right side.

comcast 3

Click on “Add Filter”.

comcast 4

Add a filter name, like The Daily Reckoning

comcast 5

Enter the email address dr@dailyreckoning.com

comcast 6

Click “save” and you’re all done! Repeat for feedback@agorafinancial.com and customerservice@lfb.org.

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