Ronan McMahon is a finance graduate who worked in the e-business consultancy and dot-com industries. But real estate has always been his passion…and where he invested his own money.

In 2004, he got the chance to marry his personal and professional interests when he joined International Living as Real Estate Marketing Director. A few weeks after he started, he was on a plane to Nicaragua and Panama, hunting down real estate opportunities. Shortly after, he made his first investment in overseas real estate…and never looked back.

His first overseas investment was in Panama City, Panama, just as it was about to boom. He pocketed $72,370 in gains from that investment…at a time when his home market in Ireland was about to tank.

In 2008, while stock markets imploded, and banks collapsed…Ronan was buying in Brazil. Brazil’s real estate market was exploding at that time, fueled by huge middle-class growth and infrastructure investment. Ronan called up his contacts in Brazil and arranged a closed-door meeting. The meeting was very discreet. During the meeting, he locked down a luxury condo in a beach community for 180,000 Brazilian reais. He secured it with a small down payment of 1% of the condo’s value—the equivalent of just $736. He then paid little monthly payments of 1%.

The weekend he bought, the entire condo community sold out. In a matter of months, before a shovel had broken ground, a buyer offered him 250,000 Brazilian reais. Ronan sold, for a gross profit of $43,500. 

That gave him an idea. The world is full of off-market deals like this one. The kind where you need to know the right people…make the right connections…to get access. When you do, you can profit before the public even knows about it…

That’s why Ronan founded his Real Estate Trend Alert (RETA) group in 2008—to help armchair investors access off-market, insider deals that lead to profit.

Today, Ronan spends as much as half the year on the road, scouting out the hottest real estate opportunities for members of RETA. He follows tried-and-tested strategies where smart real estate investors can double their money. And, thanks to the group buying power of RETA, Ronan can negotiate significant and exclusive discounts on deals for members…building in a cushion of gains from the get-go.

Ronan only brings members details of deals he would be happy to invest in himself. And, for a deal to cut his muster, he has to see clear potential to double your money in five to seven years. RETA members get in on these deals before anyone else does…at pricing far below fair market value.

The Real Estate Trend Alert beat covers Los Cabos and Chiang Mai…Uruguay and Portugal…Pacific and Caribbean…major tourist markets and boutique destinations…established big hitters and emerging players. RETA follows the money—places where you can expect fat capital gains, strong rental returns, or a mix of both.

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