Agora Financial’s Core Beliefs

We Take Our Commitment to You Very Seriously… And Have Built Our Business Around Four Core Beliefs:

  1. Agora Financial believes in always questioning the mainstream. You can’t get ahead by doing what everyone else is doing. That’s why we’re always skeptical of so-called “conventional wisdom.” We help you chart your own way to success, even if it means going against the crowd.
  2. Agora Financial believes in being beholden to our readers only. Period. Agora Financial is not a public company, so we don’t have to appease profit-hungry hedge funds, stock brokers or similar shareholders. We don’t get money from mainstream advertisers. And companies don’t pay us to research or recommend them. We only answer to one person — you, the reader.
  3. Agora Financial believes in selling financial ideas and research to help you protect and grow your money — nothing else. We know money can’t buy happiness, but it definitely makes life easier. So we focus on giving you insights for maximizing your wealth — without the pontificating, axe-grinding or soap-boxing you’ll find elsewhere.
  4. Agora Financial believes in researching to the best of our abilities, only sending you ideas that we would be happy to recommend to our own family members. Every investment involves risk… but our analysts consider every angle. So we’ll tell you exactly what’s on the line and the steps you can take to minimize potential losses. After all, our parents, friends and loved ones read us, too — and we don’t want to steer them wrong!