Global Video Alert: The Art of Taking Your Chips Off the Table

Posted On Feb 12, 2020 By Nomi Prins

Nomi is live from Las Vegas with another tip for success using the 25 Cent Trader strategy. There are a few components to use for successful trading and Nomi gives you one of these in today’s video alert. Watch the full video here.

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Nomi Prins uses her proprietary momentum model to select options on companies from a pre-screened target list that also demonstrate discernible volume related activity to produce big gains within the day. The option trades, if appropriate, are placed either Monday or Tuesday and should generally be trading near or below $0.25 per contract. Exit limits are suggested along with the alert according to each reader’s risk tolerance and they are also advised to exit the trade before market close on the same day if those limits aren’t hit to mitigate downside.

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