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The world stands on the brink of more scientific breakthroughs than ever before. Every day, little-known companies step closer to creating things that used to be the stuff of science fiction: artificial intelligence … limitless clean energy… even the achievement of immortality.

Of course, that doesn’t mean every company with a great technology will succeed. Its business model could be flawed… or its research may not pan out… or sometimes, it gets bought out by a larger company.

To find your chance for the biggest gains, you need a guide who understands these technologies and can analyze a company’s strength. And you couldn’t ask for a better guide than Stephen Petranek.

Stephen has been involved with uncovering and reporting on cutting-edge breakthroughs – and the opportunities they create – for more than 45 years.

It all started when his grandfather hooked on the Wall Street Journal at the age of 9.

Before long he earned a master’s degree in journalism, specializing in international reporting and economics – and became a financial reporter for the flagship newspaper of America’s largest publisher.

And in the years that followed he’s had the privilege of investigating, writing, or serving as an editor-in-chief for The Miami Herald Sunday magazine, The Washington Post Sunday magazine, Life magazine, and Discover magazine.
Giving TED Talk presentations… attending dinners and discussions with some of Silicon Valley’s leading tech innovators… digging through reams of scientific papers and research reports – there’s no stone Stephen leaves unturned to learn about exciting, new tech breakthroughs. It’s a passion.

So, it goes without saying that Stephen has come across a LOT of world-changing, leading-edge opportunities throughout his career.

If you’ve ever wanted an opportunity to profit from the “next big thing,” Breakthrough Technology Alert is your best chance.

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Gerald Celente

Gerald Celente founded The Trends Research Institute in 1980. For over 35 years his trend forecasts have turned news events into actionable intel you can use to make your life happier, safer, and wealthier. He has appeared on CNN, CBS Morning News, NBC Nightly News, Good Morning America and Fox News. In Technology Profits Confidential, Gerald shows you the big picture tech trends set to unlock hu...

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Stephen Petranek

Stephen Petranek’s career of over 40 years in the publishing world is marked by numerous prizes and awards for excellent writing on science, nature, technology, politics, economics and more — covering stories you won’t hear about anywhere else. Earlier in Stephen’s career, for example, he was flying his little plane some 15–20 miles from his home in Rochester, N.Y., when he looked down and saw ...

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