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Fact: Small-cap stocks — stocks with a market cap of $2.5 billion or less — regularly outperform their blue chip peers.

Gains like 157%… 205%… even 497%… rarely happen in the large-cap names you hear on CNBC, but they happen every day in the smallest companies on the market.

That means you stand to make bigger, faster profits in small caps than you do with blue chips.

The trick is to figure out which companies are worth your time and money.

With thousands of stocks out there, it’s difficult to pick a winner.  You need to sift and filter for weeks on end – and you need the investment knowledge to know what’s important and what’s not. But that’s work Penny Stock Fortunes readers don’t have to do.

Behind the curtain is Jonas Elmerraji. A big-four public accounting alum, he knows where to dig for the truth about small-cap companies. He knows the people to talk to, the right questions to ask — ensuring that you never risk your money foolishly.

Using the CXS System, a scientific strategy that’s been developed over 11 years exclusively for Penny Stock Fortunes, Jonas uncovers Wall Street’s best small stocks.  The CXS system helps Jonas analyze thousands of stocks, looking for proven telltale signs, and condenses the selection down to only the most explosive penny stocks.

Best of all, Jonas is behind you every step of the way. His monthly issues and regular alerts tell you exactly when to get in for the best prices… and the moment it’s time to get out with the best gains.

Since taking the helm of Penny Stock Fortunes, Jonas’ recommendations have given readers gains as high as 500% — and the portfolio has outperformed the S&P 500 every single year. Results like those prove that Penny Stock Fortunes is your best resource for Wall Street’s most profitable class of stocks.

Meet The Editor

Jonas Elmerraji

Jonas Elmerraji’s first foray with the financial world came early – in a class on the stock market in the fifth grade. From then on, he was hooked. By high school, he was already getting corporate CFOs on the phone, grilling them about their firms’ financial statements. Jonas started his career working in investment operations for a mutual fund company with $617 billion in assets under manageme...

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Published online during the third week of the month, delivered via postal mail the fourth week of the month and as needed via email throughout the week.

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Penny Stock Fortunes is your key to unlocking the biggest gains from the world’s smallest companies. Using the power of the proprietary CXS System, editor Jonas Elmerraji scours the markets for the unnoticed opportunities about to hit it big. There’s never been an easier way to turn small investments into a life-changing fortune.

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