As world currencies run their race to the bottom, Outstanding Investments offers ways to earn big money from the things that keep the world running — real things, like oil, copper, natural gas, wheat, coal, aluminum, fertilizer, corn, water and even silver and gold. There are plenty of well-known companies that deal with these commodities, but the biggest names aren’t necessarily the best investments.

That’s why Outstanding Investment’s editor, Byron King, scours the globe for little-known commodity stocks offering plus-sized paydays. Byron King — a former geologist, naval aviator and business lawyer — puts his knowledge and experience to work for you. Not only does he understand things like land surveys and drill results — he can analyze the company’s books, too.

And at Outstanding Investments, we don’t just tell you about the best resource investing plays out there. We show you by flying Byron all over the world — down mines, into factories and onto offshore rigs — places most people can’t go. With Byron’s credentials, you get the inside look most investors lack.

Outstanding Investments also gives you a model portfolio to help keep track of stock recommendations. Here Byron’s “buy and hold” strategy for resource investing becomes clear. The portfolio has been reliably averaging double-digit gains and includes built-in diversity to protect your wealth even during tough years.

While it takes an expert like Byron King to find the best commodities stocks in the world, it doesn’t take a background in economics to see the wisdom of the Outstanding Investments investment idea: As the dollar depreciates and interest rates fail to provide real returns, the commodities on which the world relies will just get more valuable. And since there will always be a demand for the essential commodities, Byron will always be able to find you the best commodity investments.

Meet The Editors

Byron King

A Harvard-trained geologist and former aide to the United States Chief of Naval Operations, Byron King is our resident oil and energy expert, and we are proud to have him on board as the editor of Outstanding Investments. This "old rock hound" uses his expertise and connections in global resource industries to bring you the very best opportunities in energy, mining and precious metals. Byron al...

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Jody Chudley

Jody Chudley is a contributor to Outstanding Investments. Jody is a qualified accountant with a degree in Finance from Brandon University. After spending fifteen years in various finance and planning roles with an international financial institution, Jody set out to manage his portfolio on a full time basis. His background in finance has made him an expert in deciphering financial statements, and ...

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Matt Insley

Matt Insley has been Agora Financial’s resident resource hunter for years, traveling the country finding the best hard asset plays for you. Now he brings that "muddy boots" experience as co-author of Outstanding Investments....

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