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So far in his career, Chris Mayer has logged well over 531,345 airline miles in search of the world’s best investment opportunities. That’s enough air miles to literally go to the moon… and back again.

He’s been to India, five different South American countries, South Africa, Cambodia, Vietnam, China, Thailand, Armenia and many more.

Mayer’s Special Situations takes you to the edge of risk-versus-reward. When Chris finds an interesting idea, he packs his bags and goes to meet the company insiders…

“Special situations” include rare events like stock spin-offs, buybacks, turnarounds, thrift conversions and other short-term catalysts that will unlock hidden value from company balance sheets.

Most investors don’t understand how these things work — or how lucrative they could be. And that gives you a chance to swoop in and buy shares at a bargain-basement price.

Unlike the buy-and-hold style of Capital & Crisis, Chris uses Mayer’s Special Situations to share his more speculative, fast-profit plays. Mayer’s Special Situations readers have watched stocks soar 106% in eight months… 132% in four months… 194% in 13 months… and more!

Chris Mayer is one of the best analysts working today. You can find his essays in outlets like The Mises Institute, Grant’s Investor, Individual Investor Magazine and our own Daily Reckoning Russia Today TV, MarketWatch, and the Huffington Post have featured his commentary.

With his help, you’ll never miss a single winning Special Situation.

Meet The Editor

Chris Mayer

Chris Mayer learned the art of valuing companies the hard way — clocking a decade as a corporate banker while also earning his MBA. He never lost money on a single deal. In 2004, he founded Capital & Crisis, making his one-of-a-kind research available to the general public. His second letter, Mayer’s Special Situations, launched in 2006, expands his coverage and focuses on spinoffs, thrift con...

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