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Peak Oil — the end of cheap energy prices — is here, but that’s just the beginning. Finding new deposits of the energy sources and metals that keep the world running are is harder than ever before. When energy prices jump, other commodities won’t be far behind.

You have two choices: you can watch the commodities crunch gradually add to your expenses, or you can put these impending crises to work for you, by turning them into unprecedented profit opportunities.

That’s the philosophy behind Real Wealth Trader, where editors Matt Insley and Byron King go beyond the mainstream to bring you a fundamentally different approach.

The recommendations you’ll read about in Real Wealth Trader aren’t your typical mining and energy stocks. Matt and Byron focus on companies on the cutting edge of resource development — like tiny miners pulling raw materials from remote locales, or innovative tech companies working to stretch our energy supplies as far as they’ll go.

Don’t expect to read about these stocks in your local paper or learn about them from your broker just yet. Most of these opportunities are still too new to pop up on Wall Street’s radar screen. That gives you a chance to buy in cheap… then wait for the market to figure out what you already know.

Plus, Matt and Byron will show you how to multiply your gains with advanced trading tactics that go beyond the usual buy-and-hold strategy to make investments pay off sooner!

With Real Wealth Trader you can turn “peak everything” into peak gains.

Meet The Editors

Byron King

A Harvard-trained geologist and former aide to the United States Chief of Naval Operations, Byron King is our resident oil and energy expert, and we are proud to have him on board as the editor of Real Wealth Trader, Outstanding Investments, and Military Tech Alert. This "old rock hound" uses his expertise and connections in global resource industries to bring you the very best opportunities in...

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Jody Chudley

Jody Chudley is a contributor to Real Wealth Trader and Outstanding Investments. Jody is a qualified accountant with a degree in Finance from Brandon University. After spending fifteen years in various finance and planning roles with an international financial institution, Jody set out to manage his portfolio on a full time basis. His background in finance has made him an expert in deciphering fin...

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Matt Insley

Matt Insley has been Agora Financial’s resident resource hunter for years, traveling the country finding the best hard asset plays for you. Now he brings that "muddy boots" experience to our newest publication, Agora Financial’s Real Wealth Trader. He’ll be joined by longtime Agora Financial editor, Byron King....

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How can you turn the growing scarcity of essential commodities into big gains? You have to go where few have gone: the world of short-term, high-return resource trading. Thankfully, you have a sure guide in Agora Financial’s Real Wealth Trader.

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